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Taking Steps

Well life has begun to change. God has been answering prayers and guiding in those next steps. I went through a waiting period that wasn’t as simple or as easy as I thought. Oh I had plans, and I tried to make them happen on my own time, but to make a long story shorter, it never works out like that. Go figure.

I was applying at a huge amount of jobs, submitting resumes, all while trying to build a small client base for freelance graphic and web design; which I thought might actually be where God was leading me. While I’ve thought about being a business owner before, the actual “business side” of it, has always scared me away. But I thought if God was leading me that way, that I would have to obey. So I started getting some clients, and jobs, which was a nice change and the added income was beginning to become more of a necessity from my lack of work. Then to make things even more fun, I was able to get a coffee roaster. I’ve always wanted to learn more about coffee roasting, and from a purely economical standpoint, I thought it would save me money (green beans are cheaper), and give me a chance to learn more about coffee. What came was the chance to design a logo for my coffee and begin selling it to friends and family. Win-Win. The third win is enjoying amazingly fresh coffee. Sidenote: stay tuned for Vector Coffee Company’s website to show off my offerings. But that’s not all…

Out of the blue I saw another job opening that I hadn’t seen yet and submitted a resume electronically. Now up to this point I hadn’t got a single reply from a electronically submitted resume and I thought I would need to go down to the company and apply in person. But God had something else in mind for me. The owner contacted me via social media, then a phone call, then an interview, another phone call, and finally I was offer a job!!!! So I am now a barista at City Perks in Saskatoon. I’m so excited about starting my career path in the cafe/coffee/barista business. And excited for future possibilities at this cafe. They are undertaking a large renovations over the holidays and early January and then a more intensive training will begin. While I’ve only had a few shifts, I’m loving it! The customers and staff I work with are all great. It’s a very tight community in the City Park area of Saskatoon which makes this a unique place to work. I look forward to where God will take me in this new line of work, and how he will use this for His Glory.

So I apologize in advance, if you had gotten sick of me talking about coffee, that’s not going anywhere. But I will promise one thing, you can expect a better cup of coffee after each visit. So when I’m not on shift at City Perks, I’m always willing to brew up a sweet cup right at my home. Feel free to stop in sometime.

Until next time.
A motto I’ve adopted from a great coffee shop in Edmonton, “Drink Less, More Often”


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