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Things that annoy me

Really terrible promotion junk sold at Christian stores. Things like “Testiments”, Christian Poker Chips, bumper stickers, etc, etc really annoy me. In fact they make me mad. On more than a few occasions I have found my way into a certain Christian bookstore in Saskatoon only to get upset and want to leave in a hurry. This so called “Christian Gear” makes me angry and sad. Is this really what its meant when is says in the Bible to “write these things on our door posts and remember them” (that’s a paraphrase not direct quote) I believe that when we buy/sell/own/whatever these things that we are using God’s name in vain. We are cheapening his name, his Word, and truth. I could go on and on about this. The straw that placed this was seeing this picture on a blog I read. And yes, that is a shot glass. Augh.



Year Round

So its been a whirlwind past few weeks. When camp ended we left the very next day for our family vacation to Idaho. It was a great trip and if you aren’t alive and haven’t seen some of our pics on Facebook, just look me up here. I could give you a long story on our vacation but I don’t feel like updating many weeks in one post. I just need to get back into regular posts here. So here goes…

In my last post the most pressing prayer request was my job situation. For those that don’t know, my job at Ranger Lake Bible Camp will continue to year round. We are so excited about this answer to prayer. Already I am busy preparing program, brochures, theme for next year at camp. I am excited to use the skills and gifts God has given me here at Ranger. I am also very excited to be doing alot of work with our newest program of the Radio Controlled Trucks. So much so that I bought my own! More on that on another post. So our fears are done away with and I will have a job when our new baby arrives in around 7 weeks!!

So vacation ended and then I got sick! This has been the worse sickness I have had in 10 years. So much that when I went to my doctor they didn’t have record of me being a patient because I hadn’t been in 10 years. I guess sometime ago they upgraded to a new computer system and “old” patients didn’t get put into the system, so I got deleted. Needless to say I ended up at a new doctor in Stonebridge area, which actually helped me, and with very little wait time. After going on antibiotics for awhile the sickness seems to be gone, however, the energy levels aren’t quite there yet. After all these years of not being sick, I realized how blessed I am for my strong immune system. Here’s hoping it returns soon.

So mark this down on your calendars, Daryl is back from summer. Holidays are over, summer camps are done, sickness is gone, so I am officially back. If I have a long time between now and my next post, I blame it only on myself.


I’m Alive

Hey everyone, just thought you should all know that I am very much Alive. Camp is going great and is very busy. For those that have ever worked at camp before, they will know that this is a very good excuse for not posting for such a long time. Dawn and Libby are really enjoying their time out at camp as well. It has been hard at times as June required Dawn to be in Saskatoon for most of the time and we therefore have had to spend way to much time apart as a family. This past month was much better as Dawn and Libby have been at camp for quite abit of it. Libby loves being at camp and runs around tons. This has helped Dawn to get good naps in the afternoons as Libby runs so much that she usually naps for a few hours each afternoon and allows Dawn to rest. Thankful the summer hasn’t been extremely hot, however, it is plenty hot for any pregnant lady.
I’m so sorry that I can’t post some great photos of us at camp, but my time is so precious that I haven’t had much time to take pics. When I get away from editing videos and out from behind the camera, the last thing I want to do is take more pics. So if you want to see us you will just have to come visit us at camp.
Well, tomorrow starts the beginning of our busiest time of year as we now will be running two different camps at the same time for the rest of summer. What this means for me is that I will be making two different DVD’s each week instead of my usual 1. Thursday nights are about to get even later. Until September, don’t count on many more of these updates.

And if you are the praying type, please pray for us as my future job here at Ranger Lake is still up in the air and with only two months till October 1st hits, and 3 months until our second child, I am getting abit anxious.


Grunau #2 Answered

ultrasound1 We are very pleased to announce that sometime at the end of October we will be blessed to have a second child. For those that know us well, you will understand how blessed we are to have another kid. You will also know that this is another miracle story. For those that don’t know us well, just rejoice in our good news.

This week we had the chance to see our little one through an ultrasound. We also got to bring Libby in to watch and while she was abit shy of the technican at first, her excitement came when she could see the babies hand, nose, belly, head, etc, etc. She also become even more excited when we got the news that she would be having a sister. That’s right folks, the Grunau Household is about to get even more girlie!

The ultrasound also told us that she is doing fantastic and so is Mom. So until next time, enjoy our good news.


Best Tees

Couldn’t resist posting these awesome T-Shirt Designs. They come from Despair.com


If I was a wife…

These are the things I would choose from to buy a gift for my husband on Father’s Day or just because he is awesome.

1. Tippmann 98 Custom

Tippmann 98 Custom This gift is for the man who likes to get his gun off, run around and hit other people with flying paint. I mean, who doesn’t want their very own paintball gun. And with a gun like this, people will take you seriously when you pull out this at the range. With the optional long barrel, your man will make people pay on the field.

www.tippmann.com for more details. Priced around $200-250+

2. Zippo Lighter Gift Set

flask-zippo-gift Every man, whether they smoke or not, really ought to have their own engraved Zippo. If your man really is manly, then he needs to light things on fire from time to time, after all, he lights your fire, so why not give him the best most sophisticated lighter out there. And getting it engraved just adds a nice personal touch. There are plenty of gift sets out there to choose from as well, so why not pair it with a flask for a truly manly gift.

www.thingsengraved.ca for more info on this set. Priced around $25-50

3. Aeropress Coffee Maker

aeropress_coffee This gift is for the true coffee lover. Renowned for making coffee like its come from a $6000 coffee machine. This coffee maker will brew a single cup of coffee in 30 seconds. Coffee aficionados all praise the smooth, rich flavour of this amazing coffee maker. If your man is concerned with having the best tasting coffee and already uses a French Press, then this coffee maker will take it to the next level.

Visit Aerobie for more info. Can be bought from Transcend Coffee, a Canadian Based company. Priced around $40

4. Traxxas E-Revo Brushless Edition

E-RevoThis next gift is all about speed. What man doesn’t love speed. This gift is perfect to give to our husbands as we are constantly telling them to slow down when their drive, but with this gift, they will be in control of the speed at all times. This little RC wonder will top out at 70mph right out of the box. While its the most pricey of all the gifts, it will provide hours of fun for your man.

www.traxxas.com for info, Priced around $799

5. Poetic Industries Longboard

poeticwater_longboard_mockup_preview Nothing says fun like cruising the streets on a longboard. This gift is for those men that can’t seem to get enough sports in. Why not choose today to start them off on their next adventure. Sure they might not be young and you don’t live in California, but who’s man doesn’t look hot cruisin’ the streets on a longboard. It’ll knock off a few years of your man, plus a few pounds too! And what better deck than a Poetic Industries one, its beautiful design is sure to catch an eye.

www.poeticindustries.com for info, Priced around $50

Purchase from here

That does it for my Father’s Day Gift Guide. Anyone else have any other suggestions?


She’s 3!

I can hardly believe that my beautiful daughter is three years old today! We love her so much. She is becoming our little Princess although sometimes she pretends not to be one. Oh, how she has grown up so much and is becoming our little girl, even though she will always be our baby. Here is just a few pics of her, and we will have to add some pics from her birthday party when that’s over.

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Men of God

So I need to apologize as I have been fairly absent from this blog when it comes to actual writing. Blog meme’s, reposting, and videos have taken over and I need to get back to real writing. The real reason is actually Twitter. If you aren’t on it and don’t get it, that’s too bad. Follow me here

Okay so now comes the real difficult task of actually writing. Seems like so many things have been on my mind lately. Must things related to my new job as spring is a busy time preparing for camp. With long TO-DO lists for the camp, and many projects on the go or needing to start yet before the summer, it seems my mind is constantly scheming, dreaming and thinking up new ideas. So narrowing down something to write about specifically is hard. So for today I will pick…. men…. huh? Is what you are thinking now.

Over the past few months, (largely my new job and our church) I have been witness to ministries being very direct in targeting “men” and “boys” in their respective areas. At Ranger Lake, we have been trying to do more things to reach out to boys, with activities such as RC Trucks, Riflery, and our boys only paintball camps (called D.I.R.T. camp; which means Direct intentional Recreational Training) we are trying to get boys to come to camp, so we can train them to be Men of God. Also at our church, our pastor just shared his vision for the church, one part of the vision is to be intentional in reaching out to men. I have to say that I love this and hope to see more places return to bring manliness back to our boys and churches. As someone who grew up going to “boys club” and learning boys things, like building campfires, shooting, making shelters, etc, etc, I learnt alot from the Godly examples of what it means to be a Man of God. I am extremely grateful for being raised in an environment like this. However, I see many boys, growing up without this example, and (sorry ladies) I see many co-ed environments that are largely led by women (such as kids clubs, worship teams, etc, etc) that aren’t helping to raise men. Young boys in today’s society no longer have a ‘right of passage’ into manhood, and grow up sitting infront of their TVs, internet, and video games, without learning to be a man. It is largely this reason why we see so many ‘men’ in our society that are so childish. It also makes me angry to see how the roles of men and women are so blurred. Sure I am all for equality and do believe in it, but I also believe that God created men and women different for a very good reason. We all know very well the example of a great mother, and how she cares for us, and is there for us when we are little, etc, etc, all those good motherly things. However, how clear are we when it comes to the father, the dad’s? In our society, (take pop culture, like, “The Simpsons” as an example) dad’s are the bumbling idiots, who are dead beats, who never listen, always forget to take out the trash, and are only good for drinking beer and getting into trouble. This is the sentiment that we as a Church need to stand up against. And we don’t all the time. Take the upcoming Father’s Day for example, how many of you have been to a Father’s Day service at church that plays right into society and joins in the “bashing” of dumb Fathers? I have. And I don’t like it. It’s time we as a Church returned to building up men. Tough Men of God. Men who stand for what’s right. Men who look after their familes. Men who aren’t babies and complainers. Men who teach, and train their children. Men who lead their familes. Men who provide. Men who love their wives. Men who are honest and trustworthy. Men who aren’t afraid to get tough when they need too. Real Men of God.

Who’s with me?


Post an Old College Paper to Your Blog Day

Images and design are not often thought of being combined with faith and values. However, for a Christian to design images and be involved in these types of things without thinking about culture, and what they value and relating it to their faith is a serious error. Design and images are critically related to what our culture values and what we as Christians believe. These things cannot and should not be separated, but in contrast they need to be closely linked and combined. Images and design display what a culture values and what they hold to in tradition. In our modern church image and design display these attributes combined with faith, and sometimes design displays cultural values that do not reflect true faith.

In my study of images and design I want to be able to display my faith as well as my values, making them culturally relevant without displaying values that I do not agree with. I draw most of my philosophy of images from H.R. Rookmaaker, who states that a Christian artist is free to make art that is relevant to our day, through understanding our culture and studying it, however, he continues to say that the Christian artist is not purposelessly free, but he is free to praise God and love his neighbours. As a Christian artist we are to work to create art that has a meaning and a purpose in our culture, one that displays our values, our faith, not “Art for art’s” sake as Rookmaaker puts it.

Images and design display our cultures values and traditions. John Heskett displays this concept by his example of toothpicks. While the Norwegian toothpick represented a value of efficiency through its design, the Japanese toothpick displays a cultural value that was long established through tradition. Therefore, design must be thought of in terms of values, culture, and tradition. As a Christian artist, there is not a real Christian tradition in the arts today, but a Christian artist has to do something that establishes a new tradition, this can only happen if they understand their work and task of understanding their world and all its values. As a Christian then, we must be critical by what we design, are we displaying cultural values and traditions of the world with our faith, which would in turn lessen our faith. Or are we using these values and traditions to heighten the impact of our faith in a positive light. Values, culture, and faith are so connected with design and images that we must be very careful what we design.

As Neil Postman points out, our technology, which is part of our cultural values, affects the design of images, and how culture will understand our values and faith. Just as he talks about the symbol drain so we must remember that this does apply to the design and images that we as a Church are trying to use to communicate its message. As much as the church tries to do everything like popular culture, we must also remember that the culture has a particular value associated with those symbols already, and we need to ask whether that is the value that we want to communicate our faith.