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I am beginning to rethink the way I view the Bible. Instead of looking at scriptures as my foundation I am beginning to look at scriptures as just one anchor in my faith. I heard it said recently that if an outsider where to try to understand the trinity that they might look at it as “God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Scriptures” To me this statement means alot and is a warning.

If we are to look at scripture as our fondation then where is there room for the Holy Spirit to work in your life? Using words like foundation is such a linear building term, in fact it makes me uncomfortable.

In Brian Maclaren’s book “A New Kind of Christian,” instead of comparing it to a building he compares it to a spider’s web. Where is the web’s foundation? Well, it doesn’t have one. Exactly.


“Life is Broken”

It is futile for us to live in anticipation of life always coming together.
It will come together as it does in those moments in life that just seem
‘perfect.’ It will again. And then the next day, it will be disrupted. It
may even fall apart. The hope is to live fully in the moments of laughter
and contentment- and to also be present in the moments of fear and
disappointment. We need to remember that every part of it has purpose and
meaning. We need to live as if we really believe the greater purpose for us
is transformation – to believe that sanctification takes priority over

The above is taken from the latest book I just finished reading called
“Becoming a Dad”


Yes, I have given in

After having seen many blogs online, read many comments, and even posted many comments myself. I have decided that would fold under the peer pressure and start my own blog. I am not sure what I will include here. A little humor (I hope), some deep theological debate (maybe), some pictures of me, Dawn and our future child(most likely), but whatever I put on this blog, may it be worthy to join the thousands of blogs. So until next time… read, think, pray, and love.
Signing out till I come up with something meaningful to say.