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New venture

While I’m on the countdown, I have had to find something to keep me busy. One of my passions that I received while working for Ranger Lake was a love for Radio Controlled (R/C) trucks. Part of my job involved running and basically being a R/C Director for the summer skill as well as offseason racing program I ran last year. I also got a reputation in camp circles around the country as ‘the RC guy’ and as a result ended up selling and consulting with half a dozen or more camps from Victoria to Quebec in setting up their R/C program at their camps. I particularly loved helping teach, train and facilitate with these camps. So I’ve decided to continue this venture by starting up a website to spill my knowledge and hopefully still find a way to sell some product personally or on behalf of Ranger Lake.

The site is RCHELPER.CA

It’s still a work in progress as I am trying to add as much knowledge and content to the site right now as possible. Next week when I’m officially unemployed I should be able to really begin adding more as I’ll need something to do.

I also like feedback, even if you aren’t looking to get into the hobby.

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