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The times, they are a changing

After much prayer, guidance from friends, and the like, I announced yesterday that I will be leaving my job at Saskatoon Youth For Christ. I have been feeling some uneasiness for the past while and now know that God has been promoting and guiding me to move on. It is one of the most scary things I have ever done as I am leaving into the unknown. Already, God has been giving me peace about this decision and already He has been at work to show me a job to step into. I can’t talk about it yet as it isn’t finalized, but I can say that it is a term job that would run from April 1st till probably the end of September. I am trusting God to help me decide if this is the right place to be, especially as it would mean, going through a job change in the fall again.

I will be leaving YFC after some 5 years here and have been able to work with some amazing people. Both staff members and students. I am very thankful for the time I have spent here and look forward to what God has in store for me. I heard it said once that every job and every moment God is preparing us for what He has in store for our future. Now I can’t wait to see what that future is.



Hockey Game CloseupYes I am going to talk about hockey in this post. And no, I would never call myself a hockey fan. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I even watched a hockey game. But in an effort to become more utilized in my work here at YFC, I am going to be running a hockey themed club. Let me repeat that for those that are too shocked, me, Daryl Grunau, basketball loving, ultimate frisbee player, who knows next to nothing about hockey, is going to be running and leading a hockey night. There I said it. It is now official. (Okay it was probably official when I created the Facebook Group for the club, but I don’t want to nit pick here)

Hockey Game CaseStarting Jan 29th, at the YFC Building, I will be leading a hockey club, that watches NHL games on big screen, playes XBOX 360 hockey games, Wii Hockey, and a new hockey card game. To prepare I have found myself starting to actually pay attention to NHL highlights, when I normally would ignore them or even turn them off. While doing alot of work for the hockey card game, I looked at TONS of player stats, (at least 300+) and reminised while looking through my hockey card collection from my childhood. Slowly I am starting to put together some knowledge, but it will still take alot of “faken it” to really pull off that I like hockey. I think the ticket for me rests solely in this new card game.

Hockey Game Case

The game was pioneered by some members of Gil Klassen’s family many years ago. With just some alittle tons of work we updated it with new cards, a new scoreboard, and some new twists. While it is hockey themed, one doesn’t have to know a thing about hockey to play and enjoy it; and for the hard core fans, you will have the fun of debating over whether my rankings of the players is accurate or not.

Let me know what you think.


One volunteer

Well today I got one volunteer for D4….one girl and two guys is our total staff right now. We are still looking for at least another staff before we begin. Oh, and I will get to solitude part two soon. Its been a busy time, organizing for the start of the year and all.

More in the school

While earlier this week I found out that our D4 program will be returning to Queen Elizabeth School, then yesterday I found out that on Tuesdays after school I will be allowed to run a Disorganized Sports program. The program is exactly what it sounds like, sports of all kinds, in a disorganized way. We will then be able to have a “Coaches Corner” time where I can share a brief thought for the day. This program provides students something to do after school in a safe environment. I am excited to meet new students. As well, with the program running on Tuesdays it will be a great time to invite them out to the next nights D4.

D4 needs your help

Update: Last night we finally secured our D4 location. D4 will move to Wednesday night this year. This is great news. However, the one girl volunteer I had cannot be involved on this night due to university classes. I only have one volunteer now. Please get a hold of me if you are interested.

We are currently looking for Godly leaders for to join the ministry at Dimension Four at our Queen Elizabeth location for this fall. If you are interested please contact me by replying or email me: daryl AT yfcsask.com

Fall is here…

It is September and fall is here indeed. While some questions about Dimension Four still loom in the air, I am beginning to gear up for the kickoff to many programs. Hopefully D4’s issues will be resolved tonight and I can finally start to advertise the when and where to students. In addition to the D4 I am running for grades 7-9, I will begin a new D4 this fall for high school students. This group will be held at my house and garage. This group is going to be alot smaller (i am in my house after all) and will seek to go alot deeper in the spiritual climate of the group. I am praying that this will become a great core group of students that I can disciple further and to give them chances to step out in action over this next year. Most of these students I have known for at least 3 years and I am excited for this chance to speak in their lives.
I will also be increasing my ties with the schools I am involved in. I am hoping to be running two after school programs at Queen Elizabeth and John Lake School. This programs have typically been great feeders to our D4 programs and our often the start of a students connection with Jesus.

My wife and I are also excited to become involved in Fuse at Cornerstone this year. Fuse is taken on a different look, with a more intimate setting and we are excited to get involved in this. Fuse is going to be meeting twice a month at the church and then encouraging groups to meet during the off weeks in home to continue the discussions. We are planning on hosting groups at our home as well.//Fuse is going to be following teaching from Erwin McManus// If you are interested come on out Sept 18th at 7:30pm for some coffee and a chance to experience God.

Hey, just wondering….does anyone actually read this blog anymore?
I know that I have been letting it slide alot more recently and I would like to change that…. if you would like to see, read more here… please let me know….


Hot and Hotter!!

So with the hottest temperatures on record in Saskatoon recorded this week I have been trying to fine ways to stay cool. Awhile back I posted about the need for an air conditioner in my garage. And I am happy to say that I now have a working A/C in the garage. It is helping to keep myself and the kids cool, abit. While not everything I did this week help me stay cool. On Monday, (the hottest day of the year) I played Ultimate Frisbee for 1.5hrs and was completely soaked in my own sweat. Gross, is a nice way to describe it…

In other news… we have a finished kitchen…I have painted the garage (okay I only primed it and haven’t even picked a colour yet) and my wife is loving her flowers and garden beds…you can check out the pictures on our flickr account.

Until I come up with something better to say…


Help needed

It has been one week since I opened my drop-in centre based out of my garage. Things went great during the first week. I had 10 students come by already in the first week, and I had more stop by asking if they could bring friends out. Overall, it was a great first week. Today I am finally painting the garage to have it finished as the electrical was finally finished today; that means you can see when you are playing pool now. Some people may be wondering how they can help. Well…thanks for asking…first of all you could donate flats of pop that we could use to sell. This is a great way to keep students from leaving the drop-in to go to the Mac’s store and not come back. Another need we have right now is for a air conditioner. The garage can get rather hot in the summer and opening the large overhead door usually only makes it hotter. Therefore if you know of someone with a used window air conditioner or would like to donate money to help this purchase please reply here or email me at daryl@yfcsask.com. Thank you for your prayers and support, and for actually reading my blog. Hope you have a great day and keep cool.

The Office…

In lew of Dan King’s post here about his office space at Cornerstone. I thought I would follow suit. So following are pictures of my office space at YFC. I share this space with Kim Worthington. While my office my not be as creative as Dan’s (mostly cause I haven’t had time, and cause I am not allowed to paint my so cool) I do feel that it is a great space. Especially the dual-monitor setup, WIFI, large speakers (in top corners), and plenty of places to work.

Kim’s Desk
Kim's Desk

My Desk
My Desk

My Desk and extra space for our eMac
My desk and the eMac's desk

Our Bookcase
Book Case