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Next Addiction

This might just be my next addiction. Could see this thing racing nicely on carpet. Have a place to race indoors in the winter and on road in the summer too. Best of both worlds.

I can picture onroad racing at Ranger already. A guy can dream big can’t he?


Church of Starbucks

Can’t wait for this new Church to open in Saskatoon. Looks like a good time.


My CCOD Entry

Creative Challenge of the Day – Make a Video | Faraway, So Close

Thanks to @iChris over at his blog for this great idea. A Creative Challenge of the Day. After seeing his entry here I just had to see if I could top him. Normally I’d post my video right here on my blog. But you really need to see iChris’ video first to appreciate my video. After you’ve seen his contest entry, check out mine here

Then when you are finished, create your own entry and go over to Faraway, So Close to post a link to your entry.

I look forward to great things from my Terribly Poetic readers. Don’t fail me now.


In the news

In case you didn’t know. I am a pretty big deal. But why take my word for it. Check out this new clip I found about me online today.


Douche Off

This reminds me a few people I’ve known in my life.