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Please update

Hi everyone, just a quick bit of housekeeping. Could everyone that has a link to this blog please update the beginning of it to web.me.com instead of web.mac.com Therefore the full link to this blog should be http://web.me.com/dgrunau/Daryl_Grunau/Blog/Blog.html

I have updated the domain daryl.yfcsask.com to link to the above link. It seems this change helps the comments to work. If you are visiting the old web.mac.com site and you try to add a comment it most likely won’t work.



I’m Famous

Hey everyone, I’m Famous! Er, maybe by everyone I should say, “attention all geeks,” either way I am famous. Thanks to Greg Benson, my counterpart on our tech blog for forwarding me to this article on the popular site of Macworld, which tokens me for my “Firefox 3 and iweb fix” which I posted awhile ago. Seems the techie world took notice and I got my name and a link to Terribly Poetic on MACWORLD! I can’t believe, and if you don’t either, just click through and read the article. Albeit, the article probably won’t mean anything to 99% of you, but either way you can see for yourself that I am on Macworld site. Is this my 15 minutes or just the beginning? Next stop Macworld magazine cover!



We’ve been watching BBC Planet Earth series over the past few nights and each episode I am left in amazement at God’s creation. To see the vast plants, animals, ecosystems, and inner workings of life on earth in these episodes and not witness the handiwork of God is impossible. Last night we watched the episode above caves. Miles and miles of unexplored regions of the earth still exist in these caves. It’s like God places these secret places on the planet just to “show off.” His grandeur is all around us to see. It brings to mind the verse, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” – Romans 1:20.

It is no wonder our civilized societies have problems seeing and hearing God. Sitting beside a calm clear pond watching frogs play on the lily pads is much easier to hear God, than standing on a busy street intersection surrounded by billboards, media, traffic and noise.

Makes me wonder what we are sacrificing for comfort and easy living? And it makes me want to find my way out of the city. Good thing I’m going on a 20hr road trip to Northwest Territories where I should have amply opportunity to be outside of my current urban setting.


Do I love Apple or what?

I’ve been doing some experimenting in Photoshop and Illustrator lately in hopes of expanding on my graphic design knowledge and/or portfolio. While I was having fun with lighting effects I decided to make this image. Click read more to be able to fully appreciate it. Maybe I’ll start posting more graphic works on here soon.


Be a Revoluntionary

I have recently been finishing off 4 or 5 books I have been working through lately. In fact, this week I counted 4 books that I had read 3 quarters of. So the first one to finish was Revolution by George Barna. This proved to be a much better book than I had anticipated. I would recommend this book to those of you who are a bit disillusioned with the small “c” church, and long to see the Church active. The part I really like was the part at the end of the book called, “Affirmations of a Revoluntionary.” I don’t think I need to say more, just read it, think about it, and decide if you are inline with it.

I am a Revolutionary in the service of God Almighty. My life is not my own; I exist as a free person but have voluntarily become a slave to God. My role on earth is to live as a Revolutionary, committed to love, holiness, and advancing God’s Kingdom. My life is not about me and my natural desires; it is all about knowing, loving, and serving God with all my heart, mind, strength, and soul. Therefore, I acknowledge the following:
>I am a sinner; broken by my disobedience but restored by Jesus Christ in order to participate in good works that please God. I am not perfect; but Jesus Christ makes me righteous in God’s eyes, and the Holy Spirit leads me towards greater holiness.
>God created me for His purposes. My desire as a Revolutionary is to fulfill those ends, and those ends alone. When I get out of bed each day, I do so for one purpose: to love, obey, and serve God and His people.
>Every breath I take is a declaration of war against Satan and a commitment to opposing him.
>God does not need me to fight His fight, but He invites me to allow Him to fight through me. It is my privilege to serve Him in that manner. I anticipate and will gladly endure various hardships as I serve God; for this is the price of participation in winning the spiritual war.
>I do not need to save the world; Jesus Christ has already done that. I cannot transform the world, but I can allow God to use me to transform some part of it.
>My commitment to the Revolution of faith is sealed by my complete surrender to God’s ways and His will. I will gratefully do what He asks of me simple because He loves me enough to ask. I gain my security, success, and significance through m surrender to Him.
>I am not called attend or join a church. I am called to be the Church.
>Worship is not an event I attend or a process I observe; it is the lifestyle I lead.
>I do not give away 10 percent of my resources. I surrender 100 percent.
>God has given me natural abilities and supernatural abilities, all intended to advance His Kingdom. I will deploy those abilities for that purpose.
>The proof of my status as a Revolutionary is the love I show to God and people.
>There is strength in relationships; I am bound at a heart and soul level to other Revolutionaries, and I will bless believers whenever I have the chance.
>To achieve victory in the spiritual war in which we are immersed, there is nothing I must accomplish; I must simply follow Christ with everything I have.
>There is no greater calling than to know and serve God.
>The world is desperately seeking meaning and purpose. I will respond to that need with the Good News and meaningful service.
>Absolute moral and spiritual truth exists, is knowable, and is intended for my life; it is accessible through the Bible.
>I want nothing more than to hear God say to me, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

Thank You, Lord God, for loving me, for saving me, for refining me, for blessing me, and for including me in the work of Your Kingdom. My life is Yours to use as You please. I love You.


FOR SALE: Handmade Amy Butler Bag

Next up for sale is a handbag that is an Amy Butler pattern made with Amy Butler fabric in brown, green with some yellow and pink. $40 + shipping

Please click on read more to see a picture of the inside as well as larger photos.

This would make a great gift for your wife, girlfriend, or even your mother. Or why not just surprise someone.

If you are interested please email darylgrunau AT mac DOT com and I will connect you with her.


FOR SALE: Handmade Quilt and Pillow

My sister, Andrea, who is quite crafty in all things has recently started to sell her creations. She asked me to help her sell a few items. She is quite the perfectionist when it comes to crafts and you can trust that anything you buy from her is well worth it. Make sure to click on Read more below to see a larger picture.

This would make a great gift for a baby shower or to complete your nursery. Or why not plan ahead and do some early Christmas shopping.

First up is a quilt that is a crib sized quilt approximately 48″x57″, made with cotton fabric and batting.  The matching pillow case (20″x20″) has a zipper for easy removal and washing.  The pillow has some very soft blue minkee fabric mixed in with the cotton.  $75 + shipping.

If you are interested please email darylgrunau AT mac DOT com and I will connect you with her.


New look

I am rolling out a new look for Terribly Poetic. So bear with me as I make all the changes as it might have a few issues during transition.


Work, Skate Camp, 9hrs of Ultimate, tired.

So the past couple weeks have been extremely busy. After getting back from our trip I had a lot of work to catch up on at the office. Most of it involved the planning of our Annual Skate Camp at Redberry. This was my first time being involved in the camp and I was the Program Director. While I am far from being a skater, we had a blast out at Redberry. The weather was great. God kept the rain away on everyone was able to skate as much as they wanted. Which I found out, was all the time. I had planned some different activities and games, but skater, just want to skate. So that is what we did. Or should I say, they did. It was alot of work but the camp went well. We had a old time 70’s skater from California come and speak again. Tom Fain. What a great speaker. The kids loved him and he has a great story that really connected with alot of kids.

Anyways, I got back from Skate Camp just in time to play in Disc Odyssey, which is Saskatoon’s Ultimate tourny. Teams came from all over the Prairies to compete. I had a great time. And by Sunday afternoon I had play 6 games and 9hrs of Ultimate. Its been a few days since and my body is still recovering. One cool thing to note to those who live in Saskatoon. If you’ve never seen really good Ultimate games before, you can check out the “A” Division Final on Max TV. That’s right it is being broadcast on Max. It is suppose to be under Local On Demand. Not sure, I don’t have Max. But if someone finds it on there, please record it for me as I didn’t get to see the final.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t too busy. Managed to tear apart our downstairs bathroom we are renovating, install new closet organizer, visit with parents, do lots of cleaning, and today I played more Ultimate. Can’t wait for next weekend!


Road Journal: At Home

So we made it home. I realize that in a two week long trip I should have more than 4 entries, but I blame a lack of internet access on my lack of blogging. Anyways, we had a great trip home. Libby still continued to surprise us with how well she can travel long drives in the car. We had a couple 8 hour days coming home as we did alot fewer stops along the way. We did break up the trip and spent our first night in a hotel, which thanks to wonderful supporters, was our first hotel of the two weeks. Libby enjoyed the pool and we even got to enjoy the hot tub abit.
We had a wonderful visit with Scott and Vanessa Day in Airdrie on the trip home. Vanessa is kind of a shutter bug and loved taking photos of Libby. Above is an example of one of the photos she edited of their kids playing with Libby. We had a lot of fun and a great time their, so much that we left alot later the next day than planned. From there we made a short visit in Caronport and stayed over night before returning home yesterday.
It’s feels abit weird being home, but it felt so great to sleep in my bed again. And thanks to our awesome neighbour, our yard looks better than when we left. We love our neighbours.

Anyways, go look at some photos over here

And comments are back again. YEAH