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As a follower of Christ, we are all on a journey….

This maybe the most difficult letter I have written in a long time.  However just as God was with me when I sent out my first letter almost 9 years ago, He is with me as I write this last one. With much wrestling with God, through prayer and discernment, this will be my last prayer letter as I have resigned my position here at Ranger Lake Bible Camp. God has taken our family on an amazing journey in our 4 years working full-time for the camp and we count each day as a blessing. We saw first hand the amazing work of the Holy Spirit, as He moved through the hearts and minds of hundreds of campers. We saw the tender heart of the Father, as He came alongside many children. And we saw Christ, poured out and proclaimed through the lives of many staff.  We are sad that the Lord has closed this chapter in our lives but as followers of Jesus we are each on a journey the moment we give our life over to Him, and so we are excited to see where God will lead us next.

God has had his hand in our next steps for quite some time, as early this year, long before we felt the call to move on, God saw fit for Dawn to step into full time ministry as well. Starting August 1st of this year she took on the role of Christian Education Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Saskatoon, working with families. She is so excited for this new leadership role and we are both blessed to be involved in a deeper role at our own church as well. As for myself, I am still waiting on God for how He will lead me in the future. But whether I’m called into a new ministry role or not, the first command Christ gives us is, “To go and make disciples” and I intend on doing my best to obey that, whether I’m in vocational ministry or not.

 This summer….

With that news out of the way our summer has been great! Once again God provided at each step, whether it was bringing the right campers here, filling a missing staff position when needed or providing for the financial needs of the camp. It truly has been a great summer and I feel blessed to be ending my time at Ranger on such a positive note. It’s seasons like this that make it so much harder to move on.

Once again, I had a blast teaching some great staff and campers all about Radio Controlled Trucks. It was great to see some kids out to our camp that I had connected with during the winter indoor racing too! And as always, I spent most of the summer behind the camera, making our highlight DVD’s for kids to take home at the end of each week. I felt extremely encouraged by the number of kids and parents who thanked me for making the DVD’s each week. Again, God was surprising me with encouragement as I was seeking to finish my time here strong.

 This will mark my last call for your support….

Over the past 9 years God has given us all we need. Often he has surprised us by the ways in which he has met our needs. In 9 years I can remember not having enough for a full pay check. God is so good. For one final time I am calling on you, my amazing support team, to help me finish strong with the financial needs of myself and the ministry I am leaving.

I raise funds to meet an annual budget and most years, in the fall, I am rather low and this year is no different. In years past God has provided for all of my needs by the end of the budget year, which in turn meets the needs of the camp.  Seeing as I will be finished my time here before the winter, we are asking that you consider making one final donation to get my account out of the $7000 deficit that it is currently in. At the end of September all monthly donors deposits will stop and without your one time gifts the camp will be left trying to raise this money themselves. If you would like to continue your monthly donations or would like to help with this deficit please visit our website’s donation page for more info.

Thank you, thank you, thank you….

As this is my last prayer support letter I must make sure that each of you know how incredibly thankful and blessed we feel by each and everyone of you. Your countless encouragements, tireless prayers and generous giving have encouraged us each step of the way. We know that God has used each of you to further His Kingdom as you’ve been a part of our team. We know that without you the work we’ve been so privileged to be a part of would not have been possible.

Finally, if you would like to talk to us more about our future or to just hear some great stories from the summer, you can reach me at our office until Sept 30th (888.406.1733) or contact me via daryl@thegrunaus.com


Fall Banquet

Just thought I would put a quick plug out to advertise the Ranger Lake Bible Camp Fall Banquet. Come find out what God has been doing at camp this past summer and what exciting things we are planning for 2011. It is Nov 13th at 5:30pm at Cornerstone Church, 315 Lenore Drive, Saskatoon, SK

Cost is $10/person, or $30/family

Please call 249-6448 to attend or drop me a note here.


Believe in 2010


I don’t think I’ve said it here often enough, but I really love my job at Ranger Lake Bible Camp. One of the biggest part of my jobs is being in charge of all things creative. Like a Creative Director. Anyways, as we are gearing up for the summer of 2010 I have been busy lately getting posters, brochures, t-shirts and the like ready for promotion. I am very pleased with this years design and with the theme of Believe. Here is the official desktop wallpaper that shows off the design. It is from this design that all my other designs will take their influence. I decided this year to go with a much more typographic treatment as compared to the heavy graphic components of last years theme. You can download the wallpapers for your desktop and iPhone/Touch below.

As we look to our theme, what is something you believe in?

1024×768 / 1280×800 / 1280×1024 / 1440×900 / 1920×1200 / iPhone/Touch


Year Round

So its been a whirlwind past few weeks. When camp ended we left the very next day for our family vacation to Idaho. It was a great trip and if you aren’t alive and haven’t seen some of our pics on Facebook, just look me up here. I could give you a long story on our vacation but I don’t feel like updating many weeks in one post. I just need to get back into regular posts here. So here goes…

In my last post the most pressing prayer request was my job situation. For those that don’t know, my job at Ranger Lake Bible Camp will continue to year round. We are so excited about this answer to prayer. Already I am busy preparing program, brochures, theme for next year at camp. I am excited to use the skills and gifts God has given me here at Ranger. I am also very excited to be doing alot of work with our newest program of the Radio Controlled Trucks. So much so that I bought my own! More on that on another post. So our fears are done away with and I will have a job when our new baby arrives in around 7 weeks!!

So vacation ended and then I got sick! This has been the worse sickness I have had in 10 years. So much that when I went to my doctor they didn’t have record of me being a patient because I hadn’t been in 10 years. I guess sometime ago they upgraded to a new computer system and “old” patients didn’t get put into the system, so I got deleted. Needless to say I ended up at a new doctor in Stonebridge area, which actually helped me, and with very little wait time. After going on antibiotics for awhile the sickness seems to be gone, however, the energy levels aren’t quite there yet. After all these years of not being sick, I realized how blessed I am for my strong immune system. Here’s hoping it returns soon.

So mark this down on your calendars, Daryl is back from summer. Holidays are over, summer camps are done, sickness is gone, so I am officially back. If I have a long time between now and my next post, I blame it only on myself.


Update on my life

I know, hearing all about my life is exactly why you all read this isn’t it? Okay you probably just check the site, or subscribe because I know you or I twisted your arm to do it. Sometimes I think my blog is more like Creed Thoughts but then I realize that I am not nearly that creepy, weird, popular of a guy. But for whatever reason I still enjoy coming back to this site and putting out an update, a thought, or whatever else strikes me; even when I have know idea how many people actually read it, know exactly how few of you actually read it. Yes, that’s right I am also a geek (duh right), and I track my blog’s stats quite often and know how many of you there are. Wow, that may have been my longest pre-blog I have ever had. Nonetheless, I will care on.

So it has almost been 1month at my new job and I gotta say, I LOVE IT! It has been a challenging month just learning the ins and outs of Ranger Lake, but I have so much to be thankful for already. I am working with so much more purpose and direction than I have been in awhile. I feel that my skills and giftings are being tested and that I am being pushed to use them to a greater potential. While its hasn’t been all easy, no its been challenging, but I love that. I want to be challenged to be more effective in the things God has given me. It’s nice to be working with a small group too. The full time staff consists of only four people, one of whom lives out at the camp and I don’t see him much. So between myself, Greg Benson, and Dave Thiessen it makes for a very fun atmosphere to work in. We have had a lot of laughs already, but between the laughs, I get to see a man with a clear mission from God push me to use my gifts to be apart of that mission. The amount of “God Moments” in the past month has given me a new outlook on prayer. WOW is all I have to say. In this short time I have seen some amazing answers to prayers. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do this summer. Man its great to be working back in camp ministry. I forgot just how the environment of camp ministry pushes one to rely solely on God for EVERYTHING. So with that said here are some prayer requests that we have right now.

  • Female Senior Cabin Leaders
  • Leader in Training (L.I.T.) Director(s)
  • Volunteers as we have TONS of work projects to do before camp
  • Greg and I as we are in the midst of developing the summer discussion curriculum

Vote for Design

Hey everyone, so I’ve been busy in the last couple days at my new job here at Ranger Lake Bible Camp, and one of my first tasks was to finish up some design work I had begun back in December for the camp. After developing their brochure and poster, I was now ready to create the shirt design for the summer. Typically I like to carry over thematic elements and I am quite pleased with the design. Visit Poetic Industries to see the original poster. However, we are getting different opinions on the use of colour in the shirt and so I turn it over to you, my readers. Please comment on which shirt you like best and if you have any other thoughts, please add those to your vote as well.

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