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New Family Pics

So we are very excited that we got some new family photos done by Umbrella Photography a few weeks ago. And today we got to check them out. We are so happy with them and love the feel these pictures bring. Can’t wait to fill some frames around the house to replace the old photos, especially since the old ones don’t have Norah even in them. So instead of just reading more of my usually boring post. Why not just check out these fine photos of my beautiful girls.

If you are having trouble viewing the photos on here you can view them on Facebook if you are my friend here

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Who’s who?

Well we thought Norah looked alot different than Libby did. Then I pulled up a picture of Libby from when she was in the hospital. Who do you think is Norah? Venture a guess in the comments.

libby n norah comparison


It’s a girl

On Oct 20th at 6:26pm, we welcomed Norah Joanne Grunau into the world. She was 7lbs 13oz, which was almost a pound lighter than her older sister. But I guess a week early will do that. The labour was alot shorter than last go, however, the wonderful epidural didn’t work, so shorter and more intense. Libby loves being the big sister and already we can tell that she is a mother hen of sorts, always wanting to help out and lend a hand. I know alot of you have already seen some of these pics on facebook, but I thought I would post them here again anyways.

Thanks to Jessica for taking such wonderful pics for us.

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She’s 3!

I can hardly believe that my beautiful daughter is three years old today! We love her so much. She is becoming our little Princess although sometimes she pretends not to be one. Oh, how she has grown up so much and is becoming our little girl, even though she will always be our baby. Here is just a few pics of her, and we will have to add some pics from her birthday party when that’s over.

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Sign of failing economy

Saw this pic and thought it was a perfect example of the downfalling of the economy. Not only is the store shown as FOR LEASE, but the sign missing lights is hilarious. Maybe with the crappy economy, that spending all our money on expensive coffee is one of the first luxuries to fall. Personally, I love a great cup of coffee, but I will admit that much better coffee can be had at local coffee shops around the city or even better, and cheaper, is to make your own coffee at home.


Family Photos

So we finally decided it was time to hire someone to take pics for us. Tamarah Leanne did our pics last Sunday afternoon. It was alot of fun and we can’t wait to see all of the them. Here is just one pic, but the rest can be seen here, or if you are on facebook they are there, but not in a very high quality.


My .Mac Web Gallery

So I upgraded to the new iLife ’08 and I especially love the new .Mac Web Gallery, its finally gave .Mac a reason to exist. I just might have to get it when the 60 free trial I am using expires. But for now enjoy checking out the gallery I made rather quickly from my iPhoto Library. Please note that if you use dial up then you might not want to visit the page.

.Mac Web Gallery – My Gallery


Banff 2007

Our Night at El Toro’s
Originally uploaded by ddgrunau.

So its been awhile since I was on here. My excuse is a trip to Banff with three guys. The four of us had originally made the same trip 5yrs ago from college. It was a great weekend of relaxing and not feeling the pressures of ministry (they are all Pastor’s) or anything for that matter. We started some great dialog about some important issues that the Church is wrestling with in today’s culture. It felt like we where all living in the dorm again, what with staying up late and discussing the finer points of theology, along with some other dorm related activities; which i won’t discuss. We all had a great weekend and enjoyed some great laughter and reminiscing, and we look forward to the next trip.

When I got back to work I jumped right back into work. Yesterday the drop-in that I am running from my garage started. And to my surprise I had 7-8 kids come by, all of who I don’t see on a regular basis. Please pray that these kids become regulars over the summer. This was a great encouragement to me as well, what with the frustrations of work and the continuing problems with getting a location of our Dimension Four in the fall.

Well, I am back to the drop-in again…until next time.