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Awhile back I was asked to make a large typographic treatment of the Shema to be printed on a large canvas. While I had intended on changing colours, background, etc, this is what I came up with and I still really like it. While I choose to use each word only once, I had thought about redoing it and using different words more often. What do you guys think?

shema print


Serve: In Progress

Sometime ago I began an artwork in digital form that proved to a very labour intensive process. I have yet to complete this piece and it is obviously missing many elements. But I thought I would post it here anyways. My hope is that one day I will finish it, and if putting it out there for others to see helps me gain the motivation I need to finish it then it would be a bonus.

I’d also love to here your thoughts and criticism on the work, despite being unfinished.

serve art in progress


Poetic Industries Deck Arrives!!

The deck arrived today. I am so pleased with how it looks. The company that printed it actually phoned me to comment on how good the design looked. Let me know what you think.

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I came across this portfolio from Abduzeedo and just had to post it here. Joel Grimes knows how to capture a person. His work makes me want to pick my camera back up again. These pictures are beautiful. I encourage you to check out his site as I have just picked a very small sample to wet your appetite.


Creative Thinking

Came across this graphic over at Abduzeedo as part of their “daily inspiration” posts. I couldn’t help but thing of that this might be the sentiment that is needed in the church and in ministry. So often we hold on to “stuff” in our churches and ministries and believe them to be sacred. To reach the lost we need to be willing to be truly Creative Thinkers.

Good Ol’ Post

So I have been having too much fun lately posting videos, wallpapers and the like that I have failed to just put up a good old standbye post. Lately I have been thinking about change. First off don’t get started thinking some big change is coming in my life, cause it isn’t. (at least not that I am aware of yet)
When one thinks of the word, change, usually it is something most of us think of as negative or we are resistant to change. Unless you are in a terrible circumstance, most of use would not like change. After all we are creatures of habit and when something gets in the way of the norm, we frown upon it or even worse resist it to the death. This can be especially true in the context of our evangelical churches. Change can be seen as the enemy. Why change something when it has worked before? Or speaking of individuals character we often think of someone open to change as weak. Its where we get terms or phrases such as, “solid as a rock”, “immovable fortress”, or “unchangeable,” however, aren’t these suppose to apply to God, or Jesus Christ, and not to us as individuals? Is not the process of becoming more Christ-like mean that we need to be constantly changing? And isn’t the Church, the bride of Christ on the same process too? I am reading Erwin McManus’ new book Wide Awake, and in his chapter called Adapt he speaks to this very idea. On conviction in our faith he has this to say, “Conviction is a popular excuse for rigidity, but faith should actually make us more pliable, not less.” Is this not the faith that Paul demonstrated when he spoke in 1 Corinthians 9, saying, “To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.” While Paul “became all things to all men,” he did so with deep conviction. No one would ever describe Paul as someone weak, yet he sure changed and adapted much. I’m sure it wasn’t always easy for Paul to change, after all he was Jewish, and he did come from a very religious background. This was a guy who once was a top leader in persecuting followers of Jesus teachings, and was even present at the stoning of Stephen. This was his family, his background, and he changed much. But he didn’t stop changing after his conversion on the road to Damascus and that is one difference between Paul and many of western evangelicals. We are holding firm yes, but we are not adapting. Erwin also writes, “There are times when the greatest act of courage and the best evidence of character is the willingness to change.” Is it time for change? How should you and I adapt?


First Video

I didn’t really want to type much, but thought I should put something up on the site. Go ahead and watch the video. Sorta my first unofficial podcast episode I guess. Although I wouldn’t call it much for being under a minute long. Either way I think it is cool. In less than a minute you will see my computer magically create one of the Poetic Industries Wallpapers. Maybe this will just be the start of my video updates. Who knows. If it does, what would you like to see on the show?


Not much

I apologize that I seemed to have disappeared from the blog for the past while. I could make excuses about not having time, or that it was thanksgiving, insert lame excuse here. But the truth is that I’ve just been dry lately. Sure much has happened over the past few weeks. Lots of family around with Thanksgiving, and my Grandma’s passing, got really sore playing volleyball at Alumni Tournament in Waldheim, and that’s not even counting work things. Lets see, D4 kick-off was a success, I started two Disorganized Sports programs at Queen Elizabeth School and John Lake School, and I’ve been busy doing crazy amounts of emails and phone calls to book schools for our Gymblast® program. Wait, don’t forget that Dawn started a job part-time in the Children’s Ministry department at our Church, and babysits a little boy once a week. Wow. Okay so on to what I’m getting at. Amidst all this “stuff” I feel an uneasiness about things. It’s like I’m just flying back something that God has for me and somehow I’m missing it. Am I missing the point? Am I ignoring God? I don’t feel like I am, I feel like I am trying to listen but somehow I’m just a dolt and can’t get it. Over the past month I’ve been trying to take a Friday morning to get out of the office and just spend time with God. To reflect, to read, to listen and pray. Seems I’ve missed it the past few weeks. Maybe tomorrow will be my big break thru.


Justice comes…

Politics and elections seem to be all that are in the news these days. Everyone seems to have an idea of what their government should do for them and how the government needs to fix things. While I think we need to take a stand for issues in our country, when do we stop looking to the government to fix things and step up and do something? This is true in the church as well. Looking back at the churches I’ve attended I can recall many times of passing around petitions to stand against the government. When are we going to stop telling the world all the things the church stands against and instead tell everyone about the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus. I could ramble on for awhile about this topic, but instead I thought I would insert a section from The Voice Project’s John, written and translated by Chris Seay. The section I am including isn’t a translation or paraphrased section from John, but is the author, speaking in first person as the disciple John. It is written following Jesus telling His disciples about the Holy Spirit coming as a helper in John 15. Click Here to find out more about these books.

“As Jesus warns us of the mistreatment we can expect, He disarms our fears by reminding us of the most important things. If the Spirit is in us, we have no reason to fear. In fact, the church will thrive under persecution. Yet, we are obsessed with power and political prominence as a means to influence the culture. As Christian citizens, we have an obligation to actively strive for justice and freedom. But how will that happen? Listen carefully, for this is the wisdom God has given to each generation. Lasting justice and morality cannot be lobbied for or legislated. It is a result of the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of those of us who learn that God loves us. So take heed, lest we forget these import labors are always secondary to the gospel and at times even affect the cause of the Liberating King negatively. True Christianity, the real work of the Kingdom, often thrives under fierce attack and opposition. Jesus announced this coming persecution to us, His followers, believing this will lead to our finest hour.”

I hope you caught that.