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New venture

While I’m on the countdown, I have had to find something to keep me busy. One of my passions that I received while working for Ranger Lake was a love for Radio Controlled (R/C) trucks. Part of my job involved running and basically being a R/C Director for the summer skill as well as offseason racing program I ran last year. I also got a reputation in camp circles around the country as ‘the RC guy’ and as a result ended up selling and consulting with half a dozen or more camps from Victoria to Quebec in setting up their R/C program at their camps. I particularly loved helping teach, train and facilitate with these camps. So I’ve decided to continue this venture by starting up a website to spill my knowledge and hopefully still find a way to sell some product personally or on behalf of Ranger Lake.

The site is RCHELPER.CA

It’s still a work in progress as I am trying to add as much knowledge and content to the site right now as possible. Next week when I’m officially unemployed I should be able to really begin adding more as I’ll need something to do.

I also like feedback, even if you aren’t looking to get into the hobby.


Countdown to what

Well my last week is here and I’m on countdown. So after tonight, 2 days left of my employment at Ranger Lake. But what continues to elude me is the what next. While I maybe counting down my current employment, I find myself not knowing what I’m counting down to. And I’m okay with it.

Sort of.

But today I was reminded that I’ve been so focused on the “what next”, that I haven’t spent much time processing what I’ve been through these past years, what I’ll be missing, and how I’ve been so blessed to get to the place I’m at. So it’s probably good that I won’t have a job to goto starting Monday. Let the reflection time begin.

But I will say this. Today at the office, in what seemed like any other day we stopped as staff to pray. Some prayer requests regarding some summer staff was brought to our attention, so we took time to pray.

That is the first thing I will miss.


Trying to be patient

I really am trying to be patient. I know what you are thinking, “but Daryl you haven’t even finished at Ranger Lake yet you still have time.” But what you don’t realize is that this is the first time in over 10 years where I haven’t had a plan. From high school on I always felt led from one step to the next. Oh it’s not like I wasn’t allowing God to work in my life. Let’s get this out of the way, I do believe that God has led me to where I am today and that each of my past jobs have been exactly where God wanted me at that time. However, throughout the past 10 years I’ve always felt that the direction and future was certain, or at least felt secure in the plans I had, and that they lined up with what God had in store for me.

So this leaves me with thoughts of excitement, freedom, scared, and in a state of total unknown for my future.

I’m trying to be patient…

I know that God is in control and that the decisions that have led to this point are the correct ones.

Really trying…

I’m getting the feeling that having God be completely in control at this moment is much harder than other events in my life. I must remember to trust God with my future, my work, my everything.

So I must wait, I must listen and hope that God reveals his dreams for my life and that decisions and plans I have become his plans and dreams alone.

I’m trying and will continue trying as I journey into this next stage of my life.