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Blessings, training, and more

So I’m writing this after a full day of training for CSSM Ministries, which is the parent company that owns and operates Ranger Lake Bible Camp. It has been a very full day of sessions, from talking fundraising, to policy manuals, to ending it off with a session on prayer. Overall, most of the info is stuff I’ve heard before however, I’m doing my best to keep an open mind and to try to take something away from my time here. The thing that is making that easier is relationships. Chatting with people new to the ministry, to people who’ve been in it for a long time, to young to the old, it’s been a great time of connecting with others in camp ministry. What I do find odd, is that everyone seems to want to goto bed so early and I’m left wide awake at 10pm trying to find something to do. Thankfully my boss let me borrow his iPad so I have something to play with, but with limited Internet, it has limitations.

So I got chatting with someone tonight about my design background and how I got into this and what else I’ve done in the past and we talked and I showed him some of my stuff from the Poetic Industries site and that led me to talk about this site… Then i realized that I hadn’t posted for a while, when I had full intentions of starting to again. I guess I missed the boat on that one again. dang.

Anyways, I’m so glad I was reminded because today is a day to remember God’s blessing in my life and in the life of our little family. Today little Norah if officially 1 year old! Praise God!

I can’t believe how much differently this past year could have gone and to be reminded that God was and is still with us. He was with us during the hard labour of her birth one year ago today, He was with us when we learnt something was wrong with her heart, He was with us when we were told she would need surgery, He was with us when we needed to make arrangements and pay for expenses, He was with us when he had to pass her to a nurse and watch her go into the O.R. He was with us during what seemed like the longest wait of our lives, He was with us during recovery, and He is still with us as we continue to monitor her back and rib issues. Without God we wouldn’t have handled this in the way we have. I am so thankfully for every minute He has been with us, and thankful for how this has changed us, how it’s strengthened out faith and how it continues to stretch us. Looking back now, I don’t wish for any parent to have to go through what we’ve experienced, but I wouldn’t want to loss what God has taught us either.

Now if I go back farther in life, I am reminded of the stress and everything we have gone through just to get pregnant the first time, and to go through much of it again the second time. However, as stressfully and as painful as that experience was and very much could be if we look to more children, I know that God used that pain, and the way He worked in me to learn what the peace of God was, that I wouldn’t have been able to handle Norah’s surgery as well as I did. I heard it said once, that the things you are going through, the pain, the joy, the success and failures, are all being used to prepare you for something bigger that God has in store for you. I know this to be true in my 6 and some odd years in full-time ministry, but to begin to see hope God works in the realities of my day to day life and with my children and wife is something altogether and infinitely more special.

So today marks a special reminder of the real life example of God at work in my life over the past year. Thanks be to God. I hope that you get a time to reflect on how God has worked in your life over the past year or so. If you’ve got a story to tell, email or comment here. Who knows maybe what I’ve wrote will impact you or maybe your comment will impact someone else.