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Update on Norah

First off, I must say that we are extremely thankful for the overwhelming support and prayers. After last weeks post we have received an outpouring of prayers for Norah. We are feeling those effects. For what should be a much more stressful time, God seems to continue to grant us His peace as we watch over Norah. So we know that many people will continue to pray and will be looking for updates, so I will try to do that here.

Today was another check up with the cardiologist. We learned that one of the medications is doing its job and is allowing Norah to breathe much easier. However, the size of the hole in her heart hasn’t changed. In fact it may be bigger than they thought. We got an answered to our biggest question… “How long will they try medication before we have to look at surgery?” The answer we got, about 1 month. They increased the dose of one of the medications and we will continue with regular checks to monitor what’s going on, but if nothing changes in the next few weeks then we will move on to surgery. Please pray that God would work a miracle and close up the hole in her heart. While the surgery is “safe” and “common” we would love to avoid it if possible.

Related to Norah’s heart is her growth. She hasn’t been gaining weight due to the extra strain her body is going through and we will be starting to supplement her feedings to help her gain weight. Pray that she will quickly adapt to this new feeding and that all the extra work Dawn has to put into feedings would be as stress free as possible.

Again, we are so thankful for your prayers and support. May God be Glorified!



Inspired by maxvoltar.com and seen on Faraway, So Close

A simple game: Go to the address bar in your favorite browser, and type one letter. Start with “a”, end with “z”.

Here’s my list along with a brief explanation of some of the more obscure sites that some of you may not be familiar with:

Looks like I am geekier than I thought. Although it should be noted that I took these from my computer at work and not home. I am willing to bet it would look different at home, however, then it might have sites my wife looks at like this dumb one.

Feel free to add some of yours in the comments or send me a link to your list on your blog.


Pray for Norah

norahJust wanted to let all my readers aware of something significant in our lives. Something that is impacting our family right now and something that needs your prayers. On Monday we had a appointment with a pediatric cardiologist. We had been referred to meet with the specialist because our family doctor had noticed what they call, a “noisy heart.” Our doctor was unsure if it was just a loud murmur or what, so off we went. So on Monday the cardiologist did an ultrasound of Norah’s heart and a few other tests. (Thankfully Norah was a pro star during all the tests) They have determined that Norah has a hole in her heart. For those medically in the know, its a VSD. Needless to say this came at abit of a surprise to us, however, we are told it isn’t uncommon. Right now she is on some medication which hopefully will help. But if these drugs don’t work, then she will have to goto Edmonton for open heart surgery. (Which again we are told isn’t uncommon) We are told the surgery is done quite abit and is very low risk. But if you have kids, then you know that open heart surgery on one of your kids is the furthest thing from what you want for your kids. We have another appointment next Monday to see how the medication is working. Please pray with us that the hole in her heart would close and that God would protect her through this. Pray as well for our family during this stressful time.



Awhile back I was asked to make a large typographic treatment of the Shema to be printed on a large canvas. While I had intended on changing colours, background, etc, this is what I came up with and I still really like it. While I choose to use each word only once, I had thought about redoing it and using different words more often. What do you guys think?

shema print


Serve: In Progress

Sometime ago I began an artwork in digital form that proved to a very labour intensive process. I have yet to complete this piece and it is obviously missing many elements. But I thought I would post it here anyways. My hope is that one day I will finish it, and if putting it out there for others to see helps me gain the motivation I need to finish it then it would be a bonus.

I’d also love to here your thoughts and criticism on the work, despite being unfinished.

serve art in progress