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Who’s who?

Well we thought Norah looked alot different than Libby did. Then I pulled up a picture of Libby from when she was in the hospital. Who do you think is Norah? Venture a guess in the comments.

libby n norah comparison


It’s a girl

On Oct 20th at 6:26pm, we welcomed Norah Joanne Grunau into the world. She was 7lbs 13oz, which was almost a pound lighter than her older sister. But I guess a week early will do that. The labour was alot shorter than last go, however, the wonderful epidural didn’t work, so shorter and more intense. Libby loves being the big sister and already we can tell that she is a mother hen of sorts, always wanting to help out and lend a hand. I know alot of you have already seen some of these pics on facebook, but I thought I would post them here again anyways.

Thanks to Jessica for taking such wonderful pics for us.

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Broken Promises

If you haven’t seen this yet. Watch it now. It’s the latest from Apple’s “Get a Mac” ad campaign, targeted at this weeks release of Windows 7. This nails it on the head. The reason why people get a mac. The reason I can’t stand PCs. Not because of the hardware, but solely because of Windows.


Why Music Should Be Free

Young woman lying on bed wearing headphones and using laptop

RELEVANT Magazine – Why Music Should Be Free

“By now, we can admit that most observers would be lying to themselves if they thought that downloading music for free is ever going to go away. This isn’t to say that the debate is over or that artists are wrong to want money anytime someone gets their grubby little hands on their music. It is just to say that the future of music—in fact, the future of most everything in the cultural world—is going to be FREE. Yes, free.”

Just read this article over at Relevant Magazine. Does a great job of summing up the great debate about file sharing and as it relates to music. However, most of the same principles apply to things like TV, Movies, Books, etc. Very insightful and worth a read.


Church of Starbucks

Can’t wait for this new Church to open in Saskatoon. Looks like a good time.