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Things that annoy me

Really terrible promotion junk sold at Christian stores. Things like “Testiments”, Christian Poker Chips, bumper stickers, etc, etc really annoy me. In fact they make me mad. On more than a few occasions I have found my way into a certain Christian bookstore in Saskatoon only to get upset and want to leave in a hurry. This so called “Christian Gear” makes me angry and sad. Is this really what its meant when is says in the Bible to “write these things on our door posts and remember them” (that’s a paraphrase not direct quote) I believe that when we buy/sell/own/whatever these things that we are using God’s name in vain. We are cheapening his name, his Word, and truth. I could go on and on about this. The straw that placed this was seeing this picture on a blog I read. And yes, that is a shot glass. Augh.



Year Round

So its been a whirlwind past few weeks. When camp ended we left the very next day for our family vacation to Idaho. It was a great trip and if you aren’t alive and haven’t seen some of our pics on Facebook, just look me up here. I could give you a long story on our vacation but I don’t feel like updating many weeks in one post. I just need to get back into regular posts here. So here goes…

In my last post the most pressing prayer request was my job situation. For those that don’t know, my job at Ranger Lake Bible Camp will continue to year round. We are so excited about this answer to prayer. Already I am busy preparing program, brochures, theme for next year at camp. I am excited to use the skills and gifts God has given me here at Ranger. I am also very excited to be doing alot of work with our newest program of the Radio Controlled Trucks. So much so that I bought my own! More on that on another post. So our fears are done away with and I will have a job when our new baby arrives in around 7 weeks!!

So vacation ended and then I got sick! This has been the worse sickness I have had in 10 years. So much that when I went to my doctor they didn’t have record of me being a patient because I hadn’t been in 10 years. I guess sometime ago they upgraded to a new computer system and “old” patients didn’t get put into the system, so I got deleted. Needless to say I ended up at a new doctor in Stonebridge area, which actually helped me, and with very little wait time. After going on antibiotics for awhile the sickness seems to be gone, however, the energy levels aren’t quite there yet. After all these years of not being sick, I realized how blessed I am for my strong immune system. Here’s hoping it returns soon.

So mark this down on your calendars, Daryl is back from summer. Holidays are over, summer camps are done, sickness is gone, so I am officially back. If I have a long time between now and my next post, I blame it only on myself.