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Grunau #2 Answered

ultrasound1 We are very pleased to announce that sometime at the end of October we will be blessed to have a second child. For those that know us well, you will understand how blessed we are to have another kid. You will also know that this is another miracle story. For those that don’t know us well, just rejoice in our good news.

This week we had the chance to see our little one through an ultrasound. We also got to bring Libby in to watch and while she was abit shy of the technican at first, her excitement came when she could see the babies hand, nose, belly, head, etc, etc. She also become even more excited when we got the news that she would be having a sister. That’s right folks, the Grunau Household is about to get even more girlie!

The ultrasound also told us that she is doing fantastic and so is Mom. So until next time, enjoy our good news.


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