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So Long, Goodbye

Announced this week the Barenaked Ladies and singer, Steven Page will be parting. For those that don’t know. I am a huge BNL fan. I have seen them 3 times in concert and loved each one of them. These guys have more talent than so many of today’s “pop” stars. Thankfully, the rest of BNL, we stay together and are going back into the studio in April. I am very excited to see what they churn out, without Steven. Steven is launching his own solo career, which I’m slighty leary of. While he is a great lead to BNL, I’m not sure he has the whole package to go it alone. Time will tell I guess.
I am alittle sadden to see them parting ways, but I trust that the remaining members, Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, and Tyler Stewart will not disappoint me, as they are all very talented musicians. I know I will be seeing them in concert next time they are in Saskatoon.


Lent Begins

img_3607 Today marks the beginning of Lent. Read more about the history of Lent here. While I didn’t grow up following the traditional Church calendar, over the past few years I have been attending an Ash Wednesday Service (which is the start of Lent) and have grown to enjoy more of these Liturgical practices of the Church. From fixed hour prayers, the Jesus Creed, to now Lent.

As I understand the season of Lent is a time to fast and pray. Many people do this by the giving up of something they do on a regular basis so as to have more time/energy/etc to give to becoming more like Christ. It is a time to draw ourselves closer to Christ. I also understand that some people give up something to connect closer with the poor. One blog writes,

Abstaining from meat traditionally also linked us to the poor, who could seldom afford meat for their meals. It can do the same today if we remember the purpose of abstinence and embrace it as a spiritual link to those whose diets are sparse and simple. That should be the goal we set for ourselves—a sparse and simple meal. Avoiding meat while eating lobster misses the whole point!

Therefore, the picture you see is the last cup of coffee I will drink till the end of the season of Lent. For those that know me they will know that this is going to be difficult. I drink a lot of coffee each day. It is something I use to get rid of headaches, to get me through the day, and to enjoy with friends. I hope to try to use the “desire” to have coffee each day, to “draw” myself closer to Christ. I also think that I must give up ALL coffee and not just “Tim’s” or “Starbucks” as I have thought of doing. I feel this would be like the “eating lobster instead of meat”, and would miss the point. Another plus, is that I hope to save the money I would use to buy coffee to donate to those in need. Perhaps buy some food to give to the Food Bank.

I will try to post along the way to let you know how this goes. Stay tuned for more.


Andy Shauf Show

Print Coming up this Saturday, I am getting the chance to show off my Poetic Industries art and tees. I also got the chance to design this poster for the event. While its not my best work, it was fun to throw together something quickly for this concert. Andy Shauf is a very talented young man and I encourage everyone close enough to Saskatoon to come join us. Cost is $10/door or $8 with a donation for the Food Bank. Here is a link to the Facebook Event.

If all works out I will be able to show off my first skateboard as it should arrive before Saturday. It is an all ages event and should be a great show. It is being put on by my friend and co-worker Dallas Pelly. Can’t wait.



First off I will preface this post by saying that I am not downsizing the blog. While it may appear that way because of the lack of posting to the site, I am in no way planning to downsize my blog. In reality, I would like to increase the amount I post here. However, I would rather wait to post something good, than post alot of junk. If you are looking to here more from me than I encourage you to follow me on twitter here, if you don’t know what twitter is, then you are missing out. You can also see my most reason twitter in my lifestream on the sidebar to the left.

Now to what I meant by downsizing. I have decided that I own to much stuff. While I don’t think of myself as a pack rat, I have accumulated too much. Oh sure I have many useful things that I might like to use more often at a later date, such as my pool table or coke machine. The reality is that I don’t need this stuff and can easily get rid of it, sell it, or even throw it away. While the idea of selling the stuff I have to get new stuff is a reality, I hope to be more diligent in spending this money. For instance, I need new tires for our car, this would be a wise use of money I would get from selling my coke machine. However, one of the biggest reasons I want to downsize is because we don’t need all this stuff to live. Modern consumerism has played a HUGE part in helping me acquire all the stuff I don’t use. My plan is to get rid of stuff and not to free up space for NEW stuff as consumerism would tell me to do. Jesus told a parable about the rich man, and when told to sell everything he had and give it away he was very sad, because he had lots.


How many of us have too much stuff. I know I do and I plan to do something about it. I will sell anything of large value, like my pool table. But I hope to be able to donate alot of it as well. We have so much and others have so little. Sometimes when I see my garage, my basement, my storage rooms, I get sick to my stomach by all the waste. Today I am letting you all know that I have had enough. It’s time to downsize.


Poetic Industries

Just when I thought Poetic Industries was at a stalemate, a few pieces fall together and I am right back to promoting the brand, and trying to raise money for The Watoto Project. About two weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me if I’d be interested in showing my shirts at a concert. She is a fashion designer and would be having her own small booth. Of course I said yes. Then I went to work creating business cards, and making my first set of prints. Creating framed prints of my work may have been the ‘a-ha’ moment that I needed as I had stalled on creating more designs that I didn’t think would ever be printed; until now that is. Printing designs and framing them has given me a whole new lease to start designing some new pieces. I can’t wait.

Then for the icing on the cake. I had visited a number of sites regarding custom skateboard decks before and had always thought of printing some Poetic Decks before, but the costs seemed to be too high. Until I found a more reasonablely priced online company that does just that. Custom Skateboards from your own graphics. Thanks to Deckpeck I can finally get to see a Poetic Industries Skateboard, and I already have a buyer. Thanks Benyamen. Now I can dream up new designs or retool past designs specifically for skateboards. And while I think the skateboard provides a unique canvas, one that as a youth minister, I would display on my wall; Benyamen plans to ride it hard. Here is the first ever Poetic Industries Skateboard.


25 Random Things

My sister tagged me in this meme, and I thought, since I’ve never been tagged by her in a meme, that I should do this one.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a post with
25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I am a complete and udder coffee addicted, espresso loving, darker the roast drinker. So much so that I actually believe that Starbucks doesn’t fall into the category of amazingly great coffee. But I must also admit that I am so addicted that one will find me drinking just about any coffee, no matter how bad it is, when I really need a cup.

2. I am a huge fan of BNL, or for those who know them as The Barenaked Ladies. As a side note, they just got nominated for another JUNO®.

3. I love action movies. Yeah I know you are thinking duh, but I actually like action movies even when they are dark and have no happy ending, as well, I like action movies even when the plot sucks as long as things are exploding.

4. I get paid a salary because many people support me and donate money to YFC. In fact, if you want to help me to keep getting a pay check, just click here

5. I am apart of the growing number of couples who struggle with infertility. Yes we have a daughter, but NO, it didn’t heal or cure us. And yes, we know that our daughter is getting old and we should really have another one. Stop asking us, we don’t know when either.

6. I love my wife, I love my daughter, and they happened to also be the cutest most loving family a guy like me could ask for. Thanks God.

7. I watch alot of TV, sometimes to much, but I gotta say that I HATE all forms of reality TV. This includes, but is not limited to, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Amazing Race, Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. I know I might get hate mail over that last one, but Ty Whatever your name is, you are helping people, and you might be a great carpentar, but I just can’t stand watching you.

8. I love Food & Drink and all forms it takes. The more I am exposed to different forms of it the more I am witness to the amazing creativity of God and His creation.

9. Following the previous “thing” I would love to tour France or California Wine County if given the chance.

10. I love Shrimp, it might be the best food EVER.

11. I think about food too much.

12. I love music and can’t go for very long during a day without having it on.

13. I also really love Jazz music and haven’t missed the Jazz Festival in Saskatoon for quite a few years. Favorite concert is a tied between Dave Brubeck and Ed Thigpen

14. I hate snow and cold, but live in Saskatchewan, must run in the family as my sister said the same thing. But she’s moving back to SK after living in lower mainland of BC, so she really is crazy.

15. As the title of my blog suggests, I do actually write poetry, just not for awhile.

16. I am an avid athlete, at least I once was. I love the Ultimate Frisbee league I play in and will be sad to have to leave it this summer as I go to camp for the summer. I’ve play all of the following on organized teams/leagues/tournaments, basketball, soccer, softball, slowpitch, baseball, hockey, football, volleyball, Ultimate of course, ping pong, billiards (its on the sports channels it counts), Beach Volleyball, Track & Field, Gymnastics, I think I got them all.

17. I survive on little sleep most days. Staying up late and waking up early. This drives my wife nuts who needs her sleep.

18. I can sometimes be quite blunt and this can sometimes offend people. Sorry in advance.

19. I am a youth worker, and I am organized, and for those of you who are the stereotypical youth worker who is always late, has a disaster of an office and can’t seem to figure out how to “get it together” as the rest of us would put it, you can give people like me a bad name. I don’t want to be painted with your brush. Sorry if this is offensive to you, but, see #18.

20. I would love to be able to get paid fulltime for graphic/web/video design and production, and bonus if its my own company.

21. I would love to be more disciplined in my spiritual life

22. I would love to be a better writer.

23. I would love to be able to hear God’s voice and plan for my whole life right now.

24. I wish more people would visit and comment on my blog.

25. I hope people read this and learn something about me.

There it is, now I would love to hear from you. As this is a blog post I will try to tag people in facebook (where this meme started), and as well mention those bloggers I know. Such as Jared, Jess, Ben and Shannon