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Creative Thinking

Came across this graphic over at Abduzeedo as part of their “daily inspiration” posts. I couldn’t help but thing of that this might be the sentiment that is needed in the church and in ministry. So often we hold on to “stuff” in our churches and ministries and believe them to be sacred. To reach the lost we need to be willing to be truly Creative Thinkers.

From the past

Tonight I realized that with WordPress I could finally import all 154 blog posts I made on my first blog hosted at blogspot.com. So while I was waiting for all the importing/exporting to take place I decided to skim through some posts and came across this one, that seemed to speak to me once again.
It’s an excerpt from a book I was reading before the birth of my daughter.

It is futile for us to live in anticipation of life always coming together.
It will come together as it does in those moments in life that just seem
‘perfect.’ It will again. And then the next day, it will be disrupted. It
may even fall apart. The hope is to live fully in the moments of laughter
and contentment- and to also be present in the moments of fear and
disappointment. We need to remember that every part of it has purpose and
meaning. We need to live as if we really believe the greater purpose for us
is transformation – to believe that sanctification takes priority over

– from Becoming a Dad


TOMS Shoe Project

Still can’t think of what to buy so and so for Christmas? Here is a great idea and one that will help out someone who really needs a Christmas present. Check out the video and help them reach the goal of helping 30,000 children this Christmas.


Side Project: About This Mac

Just thought I would let you all know about a small project that myself and a few friends got going on. Its a new website called About This Mac, which is dedicated to answering any question you throw at us about you mac. The three of us have long been, that tech guy, who friends come to ask question. So we decided to build a website around that idea. We will be updating it about 3 times or more per week, which is more than this blog can boast right now. As well as Mac tips for the new user, there will also be info on the best free software, accessories, and the occasional tutorial to help you out. We love our computers and we want everyone else to get the most from their machine as we strive to do the same.


Working Day and Night

Ooh my honey, you got me working day and night*

Actually its not that anyone is making me work day and night. I mean who’s to blame that I wanted to do a complete redesign for my Church’s website and redesign their letterhead, envelopes, and other printed materials? Who’s to blame that I also fit in transfering the church’s web host and transfering domain names, and setting up the new site with WordPress? Me? Is it really my fault? Come on here. And for sure its not my fault that I already work a busy job at Youth For Christ in a rather active ministry and that my wife also happens to work in a completely different ministry over at our church. So when I promise to do these redesigns and have not time to do them; what do I do then? Well the answer is I work till 2am. And not just for 1 or 2 days, but for several. In fact at least 5 days and counting and the website isn’t finished and I haven’t started on the printed materials yet. Okay so maybe it is my fault that I agreed to do to much work at once. But in my defence, I am addicted to Design. Whether its building websites, creating logos, rebranding a company, reading many design related blogs, or skimming through a new magazine article about the latest Photoshop Tuturials, I just can’t get enough. In fact, the reason I work late at nights is because I can’t sleep because I have a need to get the ideas in my head onto my computer before I forget. So in my defence I do believe that I was created with this desire. Actually do we not all have this same desire? You know that one that loves to create. Deep down I think we all have it. I believe it is our way of breathing life into this dark world. Oh sure it isn’t all art and visual design like what I and so many other do. Some build things, some teach, and still others help. All of it I believe is the same desire to bring life. Its part of who we are, who we are created to be.

That is my defence then. I can’t help it. I was created to do this and I a lack of sleep isn’t going to stop me.

*Bonus points to whoever can name the group and band that sang these words


Welcome to the new Terribly Poetic Site

Hey everyone and welcome to my new site. I’ve successfully made the transition to a self-hosted WordPress blog. I was able to import all of my old posts from my old iWeb blog, however, the comments are gone. This transition has been in the making for quite sometime. While I really enjoyed the WYSIWYG editing of iweb, I really did not like how iweb was handling my blog. After using WordPress to work on other websites I discovered the vast amount of things that it can do. I am excited for the many different themes and slowly I am remembering (html) and learning (php) some code again.

As this site is still so new, keep checking back for new things to appear.


Big Screen Fun

Having a big screen is lots of fun. I happen to find an extra projector at my work that wasn’t being used (mainly cause the VGA port on it doesn’t work), and an extra screen. After alittle bit of work I managed to create a stand for the projector and easily hung the widescreen from the roof. Works out great as I play videos on the projector for Libby (she loves the huge screen), while I work on the laptop at the same time. While I was doing this I also managed to pick up a cheap optical cable at Princess Auto, so now I can get surround sound from the Macbook. Now if only I could get a permanent fixture….hmmm

I almost forgot, the whole reason to set this up is for a little Rock Band 2, via our works Xbox 360 for our staff party tomorrow night. Can’t wait. I’ve been practicing too.


New Site

First off, I have to tell everyone that Terribly Poetic nows has permanent location in cyberspace at www.terriblypoetic.com and as well you may notice some of the links above are missing. That is because they have moved to www.poeticindustries.com

This is the first of a serious of changes that I hope to make to improve these sites. There will be more coming that will introduce a new look to the site and hopefully a way to run the site as I am looking into switching to my own site run WordPress. While I love iWeb for its simplicity and ease of setting up my first foray into self created blogosphere, I long for more options, more editablity, and ultimately I hope that this will aid in my ability to post more often. Currently with iWeb, I can only blog from one computer. This puts a serious crink in my style when I think up a great blog post while at work, or travelling or driving in my car, or in a coffee shop and I don’t happen to have access to that one particular computer.

So stay tuned as it is going to take some time to make the switch.