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Artist Showcase: Kim Worthington

As a way to display the arts on my blog more I am starting a new tradition here at T.P. I am going to be showcasing an artist of my choice. When possible I will try to highlight a local artist. Hopefully I will do justice to these artists and showcase them and what they are all about. I thought it fitting to start off with a co-worker, and not just any co-worker, we share an office. Kim Worthington. Up until a few months ago, I had no idea that Kim had a inspiring art side. He paints, draws, and most recently has been taking up graphic design as showcased in “the bridge d4” shirt. Kim has a huge heart for the poor, the homeless, and the less fortunate. He and his family have given much to the ministry on Saskatoon’s west side. The shirt in this showcase was done for the staff and volunteers that make up the youth program, “The Bridge D4,” held on 20th street at “The Bridge” on Friday nights. Kim’s heart and passion are for the poor and beaten down in our world, his desires are to meet the people where they are at, and to share the love of God with the young people in the inner city. Deep in symbolism, Kim has one thing out in mind when he puts brush to canvas, that is to Glorify God with his gifts. I admire the humility of this man. Therefore, I felt it only fitting that the first showcase be for the artist I feel is most unacknowledged in this area. May this be an inspiration to us to further pursue those talents that God has given us in Worship to Him, even if it means doing it when no one else will see. Click read more to see examples of Kim’s work on my blog and to see more of Kim’s work on facebook, click here. Hopefully we will see more from this artist in the future. Especially as he looks for more ways to use things like T-shirts to raise money and awareness of things like “The Bridge.”

*If you know of an artist that I need to feature (even if its you), please email me some info about your work, a website if possible, and a couple pics to darylgrunau AT mac DOT com.


Website Updated

Well I promised I would get back on the blog before I went to Calbreak. And I am delivering some updates to the website. I have added some new shirts, and some other graphics I have worked on in the past few months. I have some more stuff I could put on here, but I will have to do that next time. Keep on the watch for some of these shirts getting printed in the next few months. I can’t wait to see these printed. If you want to buy one of them, just let me know and I can work it out for you. Most shirts cost around $20. Just email me your size, style (either girls fitted, or regular guys), and the name of the shirt you want and I can make it happen. Support your local artist.


March Madness

March Madness, the best tournament of the year officially started to get under way with the release of the tournament bracket today. 65 Teams, less than one month, with one basketball team left crowned the champion. For those that have watched, followed, and been in a draft you will know what I am talking about. For those that don’t, to bad. All I am going to say is, I am looking forward to seeing this years, “One Shiny Moment” video at the end. This year I will be torn between my love for the tournament and leaving to California Breakaway, (YFC’s annual Spring Break trip) on the day the tournament starts. But these are just two things that make March truly Mad. The others include, Dawn working as one of the trip administrators for Calbreak (including with Libby at the office and not in the office), two after school programs, regular D4 programming, Church involvement, Community Board meetings, and Ultimate playoffs (which I have to miss while in California) to name a few things this month. However, I think April will be busier, especially as I am extremely busy making the trip video for California.
I hope to get on the blog before the trip leaves this Thursday, but if I don’t we’ll see you on the other side. Until then.


Still trying

So I must confess that we do indeed have a new computer, and I still manage to find a way to not post on here more often. I felt like I did a better job in Feb with 5 posts in the month than I am now that I have a computer. Lately my world has consisted of graphic design (for other people, not the fun kind), Calbreak, and this week being overcome with a massive headcold. Thankfully, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the sick tunnel, however, it is just the beginning when it comes to Calbreak. Calbreak is our annual high school spring break trip for those that haven’t heard of it. As usual I am involved a bunch of things before the trip, however, Dawn is the most involved as she is hired before the trip for admin purposes. This just adds to the busyness of life. Then come March 20-30 I will be off to California. However, coming home is not the end of it, but merely the beginning as I set out to create much of the trip video.
We are grateful to my parents for all the babysitting they have been doing to allow Dawn to work as much as possible at the office without having Libby join her.(Which has happened still, funtimes!) Especially in the last two days when my parents took Libby to the farm for the night. Not only did it give Dawn the ability to work 2 full days at the office, but it also gave Dawn and I the chance to have a night out. We don’t seem to find time often enough to get out without Libby and this one chance was awesome. Despite still being abit sick we had a great night out. Dinner and a movie, with relaxing at home after without tripping over toys, or having to read stories. It was a good break.

Well, I just thought I would let you know that I am and will continue to try posting more. But when Mar 20 hits, don’t expect much till say April 30th.


We are back!!!

It’s official. We have a new Macbook. This is the first official post from the new computer. That means that I don’t have to type much for words in this post. Just show you the new web gallery I made. It has pictures from the past few months that we have been without a computer. Enjoy. Click here to go directly to the gallery.