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The Saga continues

First off I thought I would update you on the new computer cause….we are going to be waiting till after Jan 15th to look into getting a new computer. While this is a financial reason, the main reason is cause Jan 15th is when the next Apple Keynote address is given, and likely will mean new products. This could mean prices drop and/or new macbooks, therefore we will wait as patiently as possible. Now onto part 2 of the saga… this time its our car. That’s right, first we are replacing our macbook, and now we are fixing our car. While are aren’t replacing the Corolla, thank the Lord, we are replacing the starter. Funtimes. It seems that Christmas time for us over the past years has meant fixing or replacing something we hadn’t planned on. Last year we fixed our furnace (that was the cheapest fix), the year before it was the brakes, shocks and struts on the car. Lately, Dawn has been calling me a scrooge for not getting into the “Christmas spirit,” but I find spending large amounts of money on things like this quite a downer.

Anyways, I do have something to be thankful for at least…. my support here at YFC is coming in nicely this Christmas season as I have already received several Christmas donations. This is a great encouragement to us. It is a constant reminder that I am not doing this ministry alone, but that I have the support of many. Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support.


Donate to the cause

This blog will surely suffer without a computer at home to be able to make posts. Especially posts with pictures of our daughter, and I know that’s why many of you come here. How can I blame you she is so cute! Anyways, if you feel the urge to help with our cause, feel free to click the button below or in the sidebar.


Don’t cry over spilled milk

Well this may be one of the largest breaks I have taken from blogging. I am not going to make excuses here. I just haven’t been feeling it lately. Anyways….on to the post at hand.

As the saying goes “don’t cry over spilled milk”, well the crying I maybe doing is not milk, its coffee, and it spilt on my macbook. The story follows that my daughter has a really good arm and can really throw some things. And she also has accuracy of a pro basketball player. I’m thinking that when she makes it big in the WNBA, that he first cheque should go to me so I can pay for a new computer. That’s right, our precious macbook, the one I just upgraded RAM on, the one I just bought Leopard and iLife ’08 for. Yeah, that’s the same one that is a gigantic paper weight now. Needless to say I am so glad I had just bought a external HD to do a complete backup on. Otherwise I truly would be crying.
We have come to realize just how dependent we are on our computer. No contact to friends through email or ichat. No access to recipes, to our daily calendars, to our photos. No access to the many TV shows we watch via our computer. This is most noticeable when we try to watch the three channels of TV via our antenna. Ugh! This really sucks. Thankfully I am able to get access to some things from my computer at work. Like this blog. Our calendars. But that’s about it. It also makes it very difficult to work on graphic design for other people when I don’t have a means to do that. And its hard to update a Churches podcast without it. (I’ll get it uploaded somehow) While I am not crying and I am thankful we didn’t lose all our photos (that I would be crying about) or anything like that, I do see how much we rely on it. I think I would give up my entire TV and stereo unit to have it back. Then there is the issue of getting a new one. What great timing this is. Just bought Christmas presents, just went on vacation, etc, etc. At least it isn’t my furnace.

But I must trust God that he will provide a way for us to get a replacement.