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Soundtrack of My Life…

Well I am follow suit from Ben’s blog and I am going to try out the soundtrack of my life here at Terribly Poetic. As Ben mentioned how he has alot of music, well, so do I. The difference between Ben and myself is that iTunes is my library. I don’t think of how many albums I have, just how many gig I have. So after doing alittle checking I was shocked to see that my iTunes library has 632!!! albums in it. So here goes…

Here it is, The soundtrack of my life. * As decided by my iTunes. * The Rules:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits:
Little Man with a Candy Cigar – Dave Brubeck> How fitting that it should start with a jazz song from one of the best jazz players of all time. The album is called Ballads. Also fits well with the blog name of “Terribly Poetic.” Man do I love jazz. Could only have been better if it where Miles.

Waking Up:
Stability – Death Cab for Cutie> Well this song appears abit to early in the sound track. Could have fitted abit better near the end. Although the line, “Getting the air inside my lungs is heavenly” sorta works with the waking up theme.

First Day of School:
Destiny – Zero 7> Wow I do love Zero 7. However, this one came just one track to early.

Falling In Love:
Superstition – Stevie Wonder> Hmm.

Fight Song:
Reach Out To Me (Original Mix) – Atfc Feat. Mica Inaya Day> Okay so a disco, dance song from the UK music scene isn’t perfect, but when it comes to me fighting, well, maybe it could work.

Breaking Up:
With Arms Wide Open – Creed> Not to bad of a choice here. But once again, doesn’t exactly fit breaking up.

New York City – Norah Jones & The Peter Malick Group> Okay so I think this one is a pretty good choice. Since I have never really liked “dances,” my idea of a good evening could easily include an intimate setting listening to some Norah Jones.

I’m a Bomb – Natasha Bedingfield> Well, this song shows abit of my girly side. Another one that doesn’t quite fit. Or does it?

Mental Breakdown:
It’s All Been Done – Barenaked Ladies> Finally one that’s hit out of the park. What better song to speak of a mental breakdown that this one….

It I Can’t Have You – Zero 7>Did expect to get two Zero 7 songs on the list. Abit to slow of a song for driving. Relaxing but maybe abit to relaxing.

Night Of Nights – Live> Well music from Live does bring me back to thinking about High School days, however this is from their new album so its not perfect.

Getting Back Together:
Let’s Groove Tonight – Earth, Wind and Fire> WOW, need I say more.

Dirge – Death in Vegas> Not a great selection, but at least its mostly instrumental and the music continues to build so it could be stretched to make a entering or exiting song. Oh and the only lyrics are La, La, La, throughout the song.

Birth of Child:
Every Breath you Take – The Police> This is absolutely perfect. I find myself watch Libby and wanting to see every step she takes….while its more of a love song, it just works great here too.

Final Battle:
Transcendence – Thievery Corporation> Again, this one is abit off. But with the right imagination and the right part of the song. The eery voice in it could work great though.

Death Scene:
100 Years – Five for Fighting> Following behind the previous songs on this list, this one seems to fit great here.

Funeral Song:
Love on the run – Chicane> Well I am satisfied now. I was scared Chicane wasn’t going to make the cut. I would love to have any Chicane played at my funeral. I want it to be a big party and what better group than Chicane.

Ending Credits:
Show You Love – Jars of Clay> While not the song I would have picked. It does have a great theme that I would love for the credits of my life. Showing love to those that need it and haven’t had it before. Great.
Okay I have to admit that this was fun. However, I did cheat abit. Instead of using iTunes shuffle on my whole library, I used Party Shuffle for the whole library. I had “Play higher rated songs more often” checked. And display 5 recently played songs and 25 new songs checked. I tried doing it the other way and got a list that was just ridiculous. Christmas song, jazz song, jazz song, dance mix song, etc, etc. Didn’t really work.


Las Vegas

Some of you dedicated readers will know that my wife and I have been around on our blogs for quite some time. One of the biggest reasons is because of our wonderful trip to Vegas. While we have been home this week, I have found myself spending alot of time playing catch up at work. But enough about that boring stuff. You really want to hear about Vegas. First off you need to know that my wife and I haven’t been on a vacation since our honeymoon over 6 years ago. So when we say we needed this vacation, we really mean it. On this vacation I also left behind my laptop and didn’t carry a cellphone. This is quite a big thing for me as I am “connected” most of the day to one or the other. This trip was so much fun that I think I will actually go back to Vegas again. The Cirque Du Soleil show we saw was absolutely amazing, the lights of the strip, the Bellagio fountains, the lights and sounds of Freemount Street all made this trip great. However, what truly made this trip was being able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and doing it just the two of us. It gave us some great time together to reconnect, to talk about where we’ve been and where we are going. We were able to dream like we did when we where just dating. We where so blessed to be able to have this trip. It was perfect timing as life has felt quite stressful lately. But God definitely knew we needed this break…..back to Vegas….
Buffets, poker, shopping at outlet malls (which wasn’t as good as we hoped for), walking, lots of walking (actually I figured that in one day we easily walked 10km up and down the strip). While Dawn seemed to have better success at the poker table and I seemed to get bad beat after bad beat (if you don’t understand that term then you aren’t a poker player) it was still lots of fun to play in a real casino, which I hadn’t done before. While I was abit nervous at first I quickly relaxed and had a great time. It was well worth the money.
The thing I will miss the most of Vegas though…the 25 degree temperatures and sitting outside in a hot tub. I know I’ve lived in Canada all my life but I just don’t like winter. Maybe God will call me to a warmer climate some day. Until then, I am praying for a mild winter. While I could tell more stories I think I will have to stop here. The other stories might incriminate me…