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Well, I just thought I would inform the 4 people who read this that I will be leaving on Holidays tomorrow to BC. With the drop-in centre in my garage I haven’t been able to take much holidays over the summer. We are very excited to be going to Abbotsford to visit my family, and especially to be able to see Libby play with her cousin, Taylor. Should be good times. We hope to get some good R&R before we kick off into the busy fall season. Please pray for us as we are traveling very early in the morning and Libby is going to be stuffed up from a cold for her first plane ride. Be back soon.

My .Mac Web Gallery

So I upgraded to the new iLife ’08 and I especially love the new .Mac Web Gallery, its finally gave .Mac a reason to exist. I just might have to get it when the 60 free trial I am using expires. But for now enjoy checking out the gallery I made rather quickly from my iPhoto Library. Please note that if you use dial up then you might not want to visit the page.

.Mac Web Gallery – My Gallery


We aren’t a business…

It seems in our churches and communities that we like to have everything manageable. This is mentioned in a post by nakedpastor called If It’s Not Measurable It’s Not Manageable – “We want our communities to be manageable. The only way they can be manageable is if every bit is known and measured. This is why it is so tempting to categorize people, to slot people in their “gifting”
I like how he talks about how when we have a measuring line that we can then use that to determine when someone measures up and where they are on the value line. This is the thinking in the business world but shouldn’t be the thinking in churches and communities…so why do I see it so prevalent? It reminds me of my own job….just recently we went through a “Strengths Finder” test to determine the strengths of the office and where our gifts are to be utilized. While I did see some of the value in this exercise (such as see the overall strengths and weakness of our team), I can help but think of this in terms of business. It then reminds me of the many times I have heard the statement, “We need to do thinks more like a business,” or “This isn’t how a business who do it.” And I am not faultless either, I know I have made similar statements myself. The questions we need to be asking our…if we are a looked at ourselves as a community, and a family, how would we do things differently. How much more would we be encouraging each other, and not using the tape measure to determine value. How much more would we all be listen to the hearts of people around us. Just some thoughts…