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Hot and Hotter!!

So with the hottest temperatures on record in Saskatoon recorded this week I have been trying to fine ways to stay cool. Awhile back I posted about the need for an air conditioner in my garage. And I am happy to say that I now have a working A/C in the garage. It is helping to keep myself and the kids cool, abit. While not everything I did this week help me stay cool. On Monday, (the hottest day of the year) I played Ultimate Frisbee for 1.5hrs and was completely soaked in my own sweat. Gross, is a nice way to describe it…

In other news… we have a finished kitchen…I have painted the garage (okay I only primed it and haven’t even picked a colour yet) and my wife is loving her flowers and garden beds…you can check out the pictures on our flickr account.

Until I come up with something better to say…


Help needed

It has been one week since I opened my drop-in centre based out of my garage. Things went great during the first week. I had 10 students come by already in the first week, and I had more stop by asking if they could bring friends out. Overall, it was a great first week. Today I am finally painting the garage to have it finished as the electrical was finally finished today; that means you can see when you are playing pool now. Some people may be wondering how they can help. Well…thanks for asking…first of all you could donate flats of pop that we could use to sell. This is a great way to keep students from leaving the drop-in to go to the Mac’s store and not come back. Another need we have right now is for a air conditioner. The garage can get rather hot in the summer and opening the large overhead door usually only makes it hotter. Therefore if you know of someone with a used window air conditioner or would like to donate money to help this purchase please reply here or email me at daryl@yfcsask.com. Thank you for your prayers and support, and for actually reading my blog. Hope you have a great day and keep cool.

Banff 2007

Our Night at El Toro’s
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So its been awhile since I was on here. My excuse is a trip to Banff with three guys. The four of us had originally made the same trip 5yrs ago from college. It was a great weekend of relaxing and not feeling the pressures of ministry (they are all Pastor’s) or anything for that matter. We started some great dialog about some important issues that the Church is wrestling with in today’s culture. It felt like we where all living in the dorm again, what with staying up late and discussing the finer points of theology, along with some other dorm related activities; which i won’t discuss. We all had a great weekend and enjoyed some great laughter and reminiscing, and we look forward to the next trip.

When I got back to work I jumped right back into work. Yesterday the drop-in that I am running from my garage started. And to my surprise I had 7-8 kids come by, all of who I don’t see on a regular basis. Please pray that these kids become regulars over the summer. This was a great encouragement to me as well, what with the frustrations of work and the continuing problems with getting a location of our Dimension Four in the fall.

Well, I am back to the drop-in again…until next time.


Redefining faith

We often talk about faith has believing in a set of truths, or our faith in our theology and ethics. And as a result, as Christians we get ridiculed for having blind faith. I am reading Bruxy Cavey’s book, The End of Religion and came across this great insight into faith…
“Faith is not so much a cognitive word, used to describe a list of things that we accept as true whether reasonable to believe or not. Rather, faith is a relational word. It means trust or trustworthiness….Faith is the belief or trust in a person that moves us to act lovingly and loyally toward that person.”

I would encourage you to give this book a read. Its not long, but is a great read.