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Shifting to the Missional

I read a really good blog about the church shifting from the attractional model towards the missional model. This makes so much sense to me. I feel that the article displays so well what I am thinking and where my philosophy of ministry and church is right now. So instead of writing more, I will post a short part of the article and a link to the rest.

The End of the “Attractional” Church

The missional model essentially turns the attractional model on its head. Instead of being concerned about bricks and mortar. Rather than an “if we build it, they will come” mentality, the missional model asks, “how can we be the incarnational presence of Christ in our community with no strings attached?” And while it might be argued that these two models are not mutually exclusive, they will be until they can learn to co-exist comfortably together.



After stripping the old ceiling
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So we are completely exhausted from many days and nights of renos at our new house. Check out the pictures on flickr to follow our house through its transformation. This pictures is what happens when you end of having to strip stipple from the ceiling. But we are seeing and end in sight and in one week we will no longer be living in our townhouse and be completely moved. However, we won’t have a kitchen since our kitchen cabinets aren’t in yet. Anyways, just thought I would let you all know that we are still alive but very busy.


Busier than ever

Blogging has been abit put to the side for the past while. What with planning renovations for our new house, packing up, and working overtime hours at work on our California Breakaway video. Blogging is not the highest priority on the list. And just when I thought that I was getting used to this pace, it is only going to get busier once we actually take possession of our house on May 15th. To help make our life less busy, you can feel free to volunteer to help paint, move, build things, or whatever skills you possess we would welcome help. Just leave a note here.