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007 not Daniel Craig…

Recently I found out that before Daniel Craig signed on to be the next James Bond that they had someone else in mind. Check out this leaked trailer.


Windows Vista!?!?

I was sent this comic and I laughed so much I just had to post this. Oh how us Mac users just love to hate Microsoft. Oh, and for you PC users out there who don’t quite get this joke, first of all, I do feel for you as there was a time when I was just like you, secondly, to help you out here, when us Mac users will look to get the next version of our beloved OS X, we will have one option and it costs quite abit less than any of these Windows upgrades do. The current Mac OS is $149, with all the features and no need to get any other version. Windows Vista Basic which has no extra features is $259 while the Premium Home version (which has some similar extras most comparable to Mac OsX is $299) I think I’ll stick with my Mac.


Xbox anyone

Hey, I have a Xbox that I would love to sell. I have the a/v pack to hook up for component video and 5.1 surround sound, 3 controllers, games include, Halo, Forza, Tetris, Star Wars:Clone Wars, Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Brute Force, Sonic Mega Collection, and 007 Nightfire. I also, have an adapter to plug USB into the xbox. This Xbox is in like new condition. I have rarely played it at home, it has mostly been used for network Halo playing. I do have Halo 2 as well which is the collectors edition in the metal tin complete with a DVD of special features. I would be willing to sell all of this for $250obo. Just write to me and we can get in touch if anyone is interested.

And for those real hardcore gamers out there. I have a modded original playstation. With many games, 3-4controllers, a four player adapter, memory card (which has a very sweet GT2 garage on it),etc. If anyone wants to buy this. Just make me an offer and I would be happy to get rid of it.

Thanks for reading about the stuff I want to get rid of. Kinda like using my blog to do my own egarage sale. Maybe I should make a separate blog for garage selling and call it iGarage. Ha


Excerpts from my playlist

So I thought something cool to do would be to post my current top played songs from itunes. Here they are…
1. Chicane – Autumn Tactics
2. Chicane – Overlap
next non chicane top played song…
6. Lapdog – So long (okay so this might have been influenced by Greg Benson when he listen to music when he worked at YFC)
16. Thievery Corporation – Black Uhuru
25. Thievery Corporation – Exilio

However… here is the most recently played songs today…
1. Dave Matthews Band – Dreamgirl
2. U2 – Miracle Drug
3. Remy Shand – The Colour of Day
4. Eric Clapton and BB King – Help the Poor
5. Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta get thru this

I find this exercise quite interesting…if anyone else would like to share please do so and send me the link to their blog. Maybe I will do this again from home so you can see how my top played songs differs when not influenced by others.


Blogger Tool added

So I thought that if I was going to post more to my blog that I should add a new tool on my computer. Its a blogging tool for my dashboard. Sorry for those PC users if you don’t have this as its a mac os thing. Anyways, it allows me to make a new addition to this fine blog without visiting the site. Hopefully when I see this tool on a daily basis I will be reminded to post something. So this one was easy as I have something to write about. Until next time. 


Libby’s First Christmas

First Christmas
Originally uploaded by ddgrunau.

We spent Libby’s first Christmas at my inlaws place in Barrhead, AB. This picture is from Christmas morning. Libby was pretty excited even though she didn’t know what was going on she seem to like opening presents.