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Libby’s first Christmas photo

Libby’s first Christmas photo
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Well Christmas season is definitely here. After the discussion on my last post I thought I would show you that I am not a scrooge. We do enjoy Christmas. And with this being Libby’s first Christmas we are still decorating some. Sorry there no pictures of our decorating. But what can I say, Libby is much better than any decorating.



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So lately we have been trying new ways to keep our daughter warm in this cold Saskatchewan weather. This was our latest attempt at putting her in a snowsuit and then in the car seat. We couldn’t believe that with Libby in this huge thing that she didn’t fit. For some reason she seemed to like the snowsuit and didn’t put up much of a fight. If only I could have figured out how to get her strapped in to that thing…

So for some reason I am finding it hard to add to this blog. Lately I am feeling quite apathetic about alot of things. Whether its work, or doing stuff at home, or blogging, I just don’t seem to have the ‘drive’ to get stuff done. Maybe the winter blues are hitting me alot earlier this year. Not sure, but whatever it is I hope it disappears soon. I mean, I am so apathetic that we aren’t even decorating for Christmas this year. That’s right, no tree, no lights, nothing. Not even a mistletoe hanging up in our house. I guess I am just taking out a page from the Benson’s this year. Sorry Leif no tree to play with this year. As a way to curb this exuberance I have been trying to watch less TV and read more. But sometimes watching less TV, just means being on the computer more…hey maybe I should blog more then…
So I am going to make a shout out to the blog world. That is if anyone out there still reads this thing…give me your best ideas for what I could with new found time without a TV on….I’ll be waiting