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Okay so its been busy…

So, I’ve been quite busy lately and I haven’t had much time for blogging. Luckly my wife has been doing quite abit of blogging, well, mostly posting pics of our amazing daughter. So I’m back, at least for another short post. Life is starting to get back to normal somewhat. We had our Dimension Four kickoff this week. While we had planned an elaborate game for outdoors, just when the night was to begin it started raining. However, we quickly switched the night to inside and pulled out a pretty good kickoff. Our volunteers our amazing. I feel so thankful for our wonderful team of volunteers. And if you would like to join our team feel free to contact me. We are still looking for another girl and guy. Other than D4, we are still busy trying to get our building renovations finished. Almost finished, I think.
Life is always busy at the beginning of school year and it usually returns to normal later in October. So please don’t quit reading my blog, I promise I will return with better more thought provoking, more cute pics, and more humor very soon.


Computer Project Phase One

Update to the computer project that I had talked about earlier. First of all, I have been able to raise $2000 towards the project and therefore I was able to purchase a new computer for myself at the office. That’s right I got a new 20inch iMac and I only used it for the day and I love it. With it I will be able to run Mac OSX and WinXP! As the ‘tech guy’ at our office I am trying to switch everyone over to a mac and so far it is working out great. Another blessing that God gave us on this project was finding a good deal on this iMac and getting it for only $1100! This would retail for $1699. Stay tuned for updates on Phase Two, that’s if I can raise quite abit more money for the server that we need at the office. Thanks to everyone who has given already. Blessings.


Weekend Update

This weekend we headed out to Arlington Beach Camp for our annual Board/Staff Retreat. This summer has been so busy with work at our new building that we haven’t had much time to get together as a staff and plan things for the new year or to even hangout together. It was alot of time spent discussing things for the coming year and some great hangout times in the evenings. While there was alot of discussion this weekend, we now need to get down to the implimentation of what we talked about. There is still alot to do and our first Dimension Four (which is our Jr. High clubs) nights are starting this week. I lead one on Tuesdays and that means only one day before it starts and we still are trying to nail down volunteers. Good thing I am not in control of the ministry but only a tool seeking to be used by God. Sometimes it is hard to see how I should be used and sometimes we can focus too much on our relationships with others and forget to focus on our relationship with God. When we try to love everyone we will fail, but when we let God use us, HE will succeed.


Calling out for help…

Some of you may know and for those of you who don’t know this already, I work with Saskatoon Youth For Christ. We are responsible to raise our salary and often we are raising funds for projects. Due to recent events, mostly relating to a building project that has been stretching our funds very thin, and combined with many computer failures and such I have been left without a computer at our office. Due to stretched funds I would be able to purchase a very limited system compared to what is needed. My job consists of a large amount of graphic design, website and network administration and upkeep and therefore require a computer, not to mention that fall programs are about to start. Therefore, I am calling on all those who would like to help donate to our tech project. I am looking to raise approximately $3000-5000. This money would go towards a computer for myself as well as towards the purchase of an office server so we can have proper backups to prevent losing data. (This has been a recurring problem over the past year)If you would like to help me out please call me at 306-242-7117 and I can let you know how you can donate and get a tax-deductible reciept. Not only will you be helping me to get back to my work sooner but you will be contributing to something much bigger. To see what our organization is all about please visit www.yfcsask.com for more info. Please pray that God will provide and consider helping to support the ‘tech’ guy at YFC.

Update: So far we have raised $1500 $1800 towards this project, not far to go. Thank you to those who have helped out.


Daddy and Libby

sleeping soundly
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I caught Daryl and Libby like this one night when I came home from renting some movies. Both of them were sound a sleep. Little to say I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this! It is so cute to see Libby cuddling with her daddy!!