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Top Ten Poker Quotes – #5

“Limit poker is a science, but no-limit is an art. In limit, you are shooting at a target. In no-limit, the target comes alive and shoots back at you.”

Jack Strauss



All throughout the night
I wanted to see a twinkle,
A gleaming hope of
Love in that light
Something to touch and
To instill an image an
Art painted, with that same
On the canvas of life
Something was imprinted
What I thought I saw was only
An etching, scratched on the
But I saw a masterpiece.
Something far more wonderful
And amazing. Mere utterances
About this canvas convey nothing
It is a new realm of love displayed
On my canvas.
Once the canvas was old and
Beaten, but now it is renewed and fresh
Together with your paint
And my canvas
It has left a masterpiece
To richen both soul and spirit.


Top Ten Poker Quotes – #6

We are getting closer to the top 5…here’s #6


In the absence of any mathematical explanation, one thing is for certain; if you engage in games of chance long enough, the experience is bound to affect the way you see God. Successfully draw to an inside straight three hands in a row, and you’ve got to be blessed. But if you’re the person drawn out on, the one whose trip aces just got snapped for the third time, you will go home feeling cursed.”

From Poker Nation by Andy Bellin



Vernal what?

So today is the first day of Spring, for nerds like me; yes I admit it, today is known as the Vernal Equinox. Following is some info for those that didn’t already know this info.

The date (near March 21 in the northern hemisphere) when night and day are nearly the same length and Sun crosses the celestial equator (i.e., declination 0) moving northward. In the southern hemisphere, the vernal equinox corresponds to the center of the Sun crossing the celestial equator moving southward and occurs on the date of the northern autumnal equinox. The vernal equinox marks the first day of the season of spring. The right ascension at the vernal equinox originally was in the constellation Aries and the point of crossing was known as the first point in Aries (now actually in Pisces because of precession

So I admit that I didn’t know all of this (mainly the part of Aries). In layman’s terms, today is Spring. Enough said.


Top Ten Poker Quotes – #7

“The strong point in poker is never to lose your temper, either with those you are playing with or, more particularly, with the cards. There is no sympathy in poker. Always keep cool. If you lose your head you will lose all your chips.”

From The Gentleman’s Handbook on Poker by

William J. Florence


Its a small world after all

So yesterday my wife and I where both reading different blogs from around the net like usual. However, she stubbled across a large number of blogs from people in Saskatoon. Most of these people are people we have not actually met, but know through a connect. After all, how big is the Christian circle in Saskatoon, really, its not that big…anyways. I discovered (my wife really) that some people I hardly know read my blog and some even link to it. Thanks alot to all you readers out there. I feel that somehow I am accountable to MANY people on what I say on this thing. Maybe this just drives home the point about blogging people a virtual porch.

On another note, friends of ours in BC recently started connecting with another friend we know in Saskatoon through blogging. They had never met before. It has become a great connection and their has been some genuine friendship and encouragement just through their blog. If this isn’t a virtual porch then I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be doing some good on the internet in a place that can be so full of evil.

Well, its off to bring my busted car to the body shop, and I don’t want to be late. I can’t wait to drive a rental car for awhile. Yeppie!


Top Ten Poker Quotes – #8

This poker quote I believe has been witnessed at my house on many occasions. Thanks Greg.

“The cardinal sin in poker, worse than playing did cards, worse even than figuring your odds correctly, is becoming emotionally involved.”

Katy Lederer


Slid n Slide Part 2

Since my wife posted a picture of our busted up vehicle I thought it would be good if I did too. Here is a close up picture of the close to $8000 worth of damage. The damage was very close to a write off. Thankfully, the body shop is going to be paying the deductible (even when we didn’t have to) so that the car is not written off. I think the job will make them more than enough that the deductible won’t hurt their profit! But nonetheless, I still am very thankful that they did their best to keep the car from being written off, not every body shop would do that. I am so grateful that we are not going to be doing any car shopping. Can’t wait to drive a rental.

Update: After Jessica reminded me about the great referring program at the body shop. Kavia Automotive is the place to go if you need any body work. Just talk to Raj Kavia he is the man. Don’t forget to mention me when you go there. Thanks for the reminder J.B.


Top Ten Poker Quotes – #10

“It never hurts for potential opponents to think you’re more than a little stupid and can hardly count all the money in your hip pocket, much less hold on to it..”

Amarillo Slim